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Monday, August 11, 2008

New account

Well I finally broke down and got a 2nd account. It'll be a few days before it's really ready for prime time, but it'll get there. Basically the alt is going to start out as a hauling alt. Mainly because that's what I can make use of the fastest. During the trial account period, I worked up some basic skills that I'll be needing. Now I just need to get to Gallente Industrial 5, Hull Upgrades 2, Jury Rigging 3 and Astronautics Rigging 1.

He's already got the skills for a tractor beam and a salvager. This means that with 1 rig I'll be able to have an iteron V capable of hauling a jet can. Should only take about a month to do. I'll be able to start hauling with him in a day though. All I really need to start working is Gallente Industrial 3 and Hull upgrades 2.


Anonymous said...

It's when you start a new character, you realise how much your main has got trained, and how much you take for granted!!

It really is a huge PITA, so I always park a new character in a School station so I can easily buy skillbooks!

Letrange said...

Well I always knew that, I've introduced enough friends to this game to realize how much most senior pilots (30mil+) tend to forget the limitations of new players. This one is going to be easy: Beeline for the gal industrial 5 with enough skills to fit tech 2 expanders, tractor beam, salvager and a single cargohold rig. After that probably some learning skills and figure out what to do with him