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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Perfectly shitty weekend

Well THAT was a lesson (expensive) in how not to do thing.

Lessons learned:

1) Make sure you have people on standby for protecting a POS takedown.
2) It is REALY easy to have a pos stolen during a takedown if you don't have people bumping any thieves off the POS when it finishes it's unanchor.
3) Having my RL heat up JUST as all this is happening makes it just suck more.

I need to keep reminding myself that the labs I saved are worth more that the towers I lost. None of the BPOs were lost. And if they kill the last tower, so be it. So I did manage to salvage some stuff from the debackle. My fault but that's where my lack of experience in combat is hurting me. I may need to take a break from running the alliance after this war and just go get some PvP experience. Ah well EvE is a harsh mistress, but we all knew that going in. I must admit to being very annoyed that ALL the advantages are on the griefer side. Thank god the insurance and security changes are coming.

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