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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Um... The Mittani is a goon... you know that Something Awful derived group...  The comments he expressed and attitude he demonstrated are in the finest tradition of that group.  I find it hard to be surprised.


Tempest ... meet the tea cup.

The only surprising thing is that the rest of you find this at all surprising or abnormal (for goons).  It demonstrates a level of naivety about what that group's philosophy and attitudes towards all persons not of that group really is.  And about the way CCP actively encourages the type to join EVE online and play in their game.  Yeash people.  There's a reason EVE will never grow beyond a certain point and will always remain a niche game.  Actively encouraging people who's core attitudes were amply demonstrated by The Mittani in that fanfest panel to play the game is the primary reason EVE's population will remain smaller than it's potential.  The problem with the "we encourage that behavior in game only" point of view is that it invites people who have those attitudes in real life to join and play your game.  It can not be surprising that eventually these types of people show their true colors in public.

To quote the oft used meme: HTFU people.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear soundwave - you're an idiot

I agree with you - formation IN COMBAT are a bad idea.... However...

WARP FORMATIONS would be a godsend!!!!

For example so that the logies land 30 km behind the battle line and the battle line lands as a plate instead of a ball about 2-3km from the warp in point...  And oh hey it would let you avoid the "warp in and mass collitions happen..." issues you run into.

Or wing 1 landing on the point, wing 2 landing 10km to the left and wing 3 landing 100km behind the warp in point....

Landing dispersed -10km ball instead of the 3km ball

Landing concentrated...

Fuck the bonuses - For good FC's the ability to customize the fleet warp profile would be bonus enough!!!

Show some imagination...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the pasture

Yep, I'm ruminating...

Just haven't had the will power to dive in EVE these days...  So yep going thru another small burnout on EVE atm... I am still logging in to do the skill flip thing and other similar activities...  I'll be glad when my PI objectives have been met.  The more I look at that system the more I hate it.  VERY badly designed...  Possibly the cause of my lack of interest atm...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Voting done.

Just as controversy erupts.  Well not controversy, more tempest in a tea pot.  The balancing team realized what any intelligent being would realize about the ship scheme in EVE.  The current structure is a patch work of various add-ons and upgrades that have happened over the years result in a rather messy progression of skills to get in various ships.

I can see the desire to rework the skill dependency tree.  I don't necessarily agree that the exact direction they are taking is the correct way to do things.  But so long as I can keep flying what I currently am able to fly, I don't have too much of a problem with making changes.

A much bigger concern to me would be the eventual re-balancing of the ships themselves to make them work within their "line".  Don't get me wrong.  I can see how some people will freak at the changes to the skill requirements and the skills structure.  But a more critical issue is the eventual rebalancing of all the ships and the "bringing up to snuff" of the basic T1 ships.  The kerfuffle over the skills situation risks overshadowing more important changes.

Meanwhile - go vote.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maintenance mode

Humm, I seem to be mentally waiting to see "what's next" out of CCP.  As such I've been doing quite a bit of non-EVE gaming lately (since this is an EVE blog you don't get to hear about it - sorry).  I'm very curious to see what the new direction will give as delivery come spring/summer - aka post fanfest update.

On the skill front, my main progresses and now has Medium Energy Weapons with both Beam and Pulse at spec-4 (short for Specialization xxx level 4).  So I've started the Large energy weapon trek to 5 with future plans on getting Large Spec 4 for both types.

Once that's done there's going to be some back fill.  Amarr frigate 5, and Frigate Construction 5 are kinda high on that list.  Then it'll probably be time to work on the evil carrier skills so that it's more than just a glorified taxi.  But that's a long term plan.

The "main alt" has got level 4 in a whole pile of skills and just completed Recon 5 (yay!).  Now I plan to get most of those skills that are at 4 and are needed to fly/use modules on the recon to 5.  This will allow my alt to be rather effective as a cyno 5 pilot.

My "primary research alt" is now working on getting all the racial research skills to 4.  Invention and manufacturing are in his future at this point.

Apart from that, I've mostly been doing PI.