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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bit more prep work

For a day off I did not get a lot of EvE time yesterday. One of the great things about EvE's single shard architecture is that any one you meet IRL who plays eve is someone you can meet in game and vis-versa. About every 2 weeks a bunch of us in Montreal get together at a pub downtown for some guiness and get to jaw over EvE and life in general.

A good time was had by the 4 of us who made it. As usual if any other montreal EvE player wants to show up to these, it's usualy every 2 weeks or so, at O'Regans on Bishop street in downtown Montreal.

So All I realy had time to do was get the scan packages together and ship them to the two bases. The scan packages allow me to switch out various components in the probes to change their tasking when I head down to FW. Now to go do some FW. Fly dangerous all.

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