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Friday, August 15, 2008

Organizational Issues

Ah the joys of reconciling different objectives and rationalizing ships. I must put some serious thought into re-organizing some aspects of my EvE life. Also, some aspects of my alliance structure. The problem with being an alliance leader is sometimes one will dictate how you end up doing another.

First some personal ship rationalization. I've managed to pare down the places I have ships to 3 stations. This is good. Unfortunately I have quite a a few ships that contain rigs. From memory:

2 x Jaguar - One PvE and one PvP.
2 x Cheetah - Scan rigs so I could always sell one.
2 x Mammoth - One max cargo and one with low friction nozzle joints
1 x Mastodon - Max cargo
2 x Cyclone - Sheild boost cap reduction rigs x3 on the first, 1 x Salvage rig on the 2nd (need a 2nd rig there)
1 x Prowler - 2 x low friction nozzle joints

Pretty much that's the list for those. I'd have probably sold of the max cargo mammoth a long time ago except for one little fact: it's faster than the mastodon.... The PvE jag I really haven't used a lot lately - it's setup for 2x Medium Shield Extender and an AB so it's just not viable till the speed mods in October for any PvP work at all. It's kindof a fun ship for PvE though. I could get rid of one of the cheetahs prety easilly since they are functionaly the same (just loaded with different launchers). I intend to do some low sec scouting so the PvP Jag is probably a good bet to keep. The Prowler you'll only get when you pry it from my cold dead meatcicle. The mastodon has a nice tank I'm kindoff attached to. Useful for hauling higher value stuff than I feel comfortable in the mammoth with. The first cyclone is my primary mission boat, the 2nd my primary salvager (need a 2nd rig for that one).

Only two that I can see getting rid of: The PvE jag and the 2nd Cheetah...

Looking at the other hulls:
1 x Firetail - screw that I'm keeping that till I can faction fit it properly
1 x Stabber Fleet Issue - You're kidding me right? with the upcoming speed changes this thing will be worth it's weight in Megacyte, also need to faction fit it when I have the isk...

1 x Cyclone - currently kitted out as a Radar/Mag site exploit vessel.
1 x Covetor - usefull for any low sec operations
1 x Hulk - not yet rigged.
1 x Rifter - a T1 fit disposable combat frigate
1 x Vigil - a T1 fit ore scout (used to find a belt with ore in it - an issue in high sec)
1 x Wolf - Have'n't figgured out a fit I like for that one yet...
1 x Hound - not mine, I need to give it back...
1 x Typhoon - setup for energy supply to ospreys

Ok, the Cyclone can be let go of if I keep the necessary modules for swaping out on my salvaging Cyclone. But since I tend to so either missioning or exploration but not both at the same time that's workable.

The Hulk obviously I'm keeping. I'll eventualy rig this for a maximum rate hulk by adding drone rigs to help out the tech 2 mining drones I can't yet use (I need to get there).

The Covetor I kinda need to keep for those occasions where we find a low sec hidden belt or whatever.

Need the rifter, it's a combat reserve.

The Vigil is just convinient to scout for the hulk before it slowboats it's way over to a belt. Plus it can be packed in the hulk when changing mining bases.

The Wolf is just annoying cuz I've had the hull for a while but I've never been able to find an EFT fit I like. The way I see it is that it's just not a tackle cappable AF. We'll see if it's role changes with the upcoming speed changes but till I find a use for it I might as well sell it.

I need to buy a replacement Hound and give back Doc his hound.

The typhoon.... screw it I'll get rid of it and rebuild my isk store.

So I can get rid of the Cyclone and the Wolf and contract out one of the Cheetahs and the PvE jag which I barely use any more... Still a lot of ships but at least they're pretty isolated in function. That should help things. The problem with being able to do a bit of everything is that you need a whole bunch of ships to do it.

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