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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The slow wait

Not much happening except the same old, same old. So I've decided to comment about the upcoming changes and things of interest to the industrial side of EvE.

Between the CSM meeting in Iceland and the various dev blogs that have come out recently we're starting to get a picture of what may be part of the next two minor updates. It should come as no surprise, since CCP stated this outright, There are 6 EvE updates a year. Two big ones and 4 smaller ones. The big ones can be fairly flashy (last december we got the Trinity engine and some new ship classes, This summer we got the first iteration of Factional Warfare - sans the rewards). But the smaller ones can be just as important, since they tend to concentrate more on smaller modifications to existing gameplay instead of brand new gameplay.

Of interest to all pilots are the upcoming changes to speed mechanics in game. I am fairly convinced that greifers are the biggest babies in EvE. If they can't abuse the mechanics to abuse other players they go crying to mommy on the forums. And when mommy says "Grow up", they throw a tantrum. At least when carebears complain they try to suggest workable solutions.

I think that as much as the changes are going to affect some ships a lot and some a bit, everyone will adapt and bring out new fits. I think armor and logistics are going to start playing more of a part of gangs now since the "I don't need reps because I don't get hit or I get obliterated" logic is going by the way side. This will greatly please and dis-please logistics pilots since they will now become primary once again right f-en now.

The other news kinda flitted beneath the radar. At some point in the future we'll be gettign some major industry love. The one I'm most looking forward too is the one where T1 loot disapears from the loot tables, something replaces it and industry will then be able to use that to turn T1 items into meta items (probably sorta like T2 but simpler). We're still waiting on the details of this one. Oh CPP Chronotis, where is thy dev blog?

Speaking of missing dev-blogs and or quarterly reports, me thinks the good Dr. E has chewn off a bigger chunk than he thought possible. "It's just a game, how much data can their possibly be?" I bet he asked himself. Ummmm dear doctor, the game is played on a friggen super computer... The amount of data a quarter of a million accounts can generate can be just short of stupendous... Here's hoping you get at least a dev blog out before Walking in stations comes out. Oh and yep do be carefull with those announcement, as you discovered with the shuttle incident researching things BEFORE getting your ass handed to you on the forums is a good thing. I'm not sure, haveing never finished university, but Theisis defenses may be easier then surviving the onsalught of the EvE-O forums. Good luck there.

Getting back to the point, one of the issues raised in response to the posibility of the upcoming changes (that make all miners glow), is that it just give more juice to the macro miners. I think that we'll also need the long awaited changes to mining at exactly the same time as the switch in loot tables. I'm hoping that CPP is just keeping the rollout of this stuff close to it's chest so as to not precipitate market uphevals, but honestly, advanced warning or not there will be market uphevals. Just say F-it and go for the changes and let the isk fall where it may. Other wise we industrialist may be waiting for a full year before the game improves for us.

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