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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well I finally got in a fight big enough to have lag. It didn't help that for the first part of it my overview was messed up and showed way to much info. Got that sorted out by the time I was in my 3rd frigate. The Minmatar Fleet got it's ass handed to it unfortunately. We were infiltrated and out numbered. Good FC'ing allowed us to at least concentrate before the engagement started but they had more reinforcements than we did. I ended up going through 4 frigates by the end of the fight.

From the after action conversation it looks like the enemy split up it's fleet into major engagement elements and a cruiser and below squad. They ended up wiping the field of any ships supporting our BS's and then slowly but surely nailed the BSs and the Carriers I did manage to get on 3 kill mails for the 4 losses though. So even though it sucked to loose 4 ships I still contributed to more kills. This time my ships were mostly insured (I think I undocked Wooot too quickely). So I'm getting better on that side of things

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