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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I try a mission

I start the morning off deciding to go see what I could find. After not finding much except large blobs of Amarr ships, I decide to try my hand at finding another plex. No luck this time. So I wander over to a system with a Tribal forces station and see about hooking up with a mission. I choose a level 1 mission which sends me to the Amarr side of low sec. No problem, it's only tech 1 frigates and I'm in a rifter, I should be fine.

I get there without incident. Warp in the mission and make my first mistake. I fail to notice that one of the ships is a commander verions and this being a combat rifter, I get too deep before I notice that they are chewing me to shreds. As I hear the ominous sounds of one of the NPCs putting a point on my vessel, I call out to my crew to hit the escape pods. I do hope they got out. And the Light and Fluffy lives up to it's name. It's armor was quite light and fluffy.

Needless to say this pissed me off enormously. So I head back to my manufacturing site, grab a Thrasher and proceed to outfit it for serious mission running. 6 T2 guns and tractor beam/salvager combo. Tremor ammo and a target painter mean that the regular frigates won't even bother me and I'll be able to keep out of the range of that commander frigate.

By the time I get back, some entreprising Amarr pilot seems to have looted the Light and Fluffy but not salvaged it. No matter, I take care of the Amarr NPCs quite quickly, kill the objective, salvage and loot everything. The end result is that the Light and Fluffy is avenged. I think I'll keep this ship for more mission running, although it's loot does need to pay for it's tech 2 weapons eventualy. I go log off for shopping and lunch and we'll see what happens this evening when I plan to x up.

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