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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Final Numbers on the 2nd Project

The AMC Dominix project was a project to buy a Dominix BPO, research and make some isk off of it and then sell it to a member of a corporation inside the alliance. Here are the final numbers on the project:

By April 19th we raised 765mil isk
By July 31st we had sold off all assets of the project.
On the 2nd of August we did the final dividend distribution
A total of 1 069 531 498 isk was distributed as dividends to the the shareholders.

The net profit was therefore 304 531 498 isk (304.5mil)

This represented a return on investment of 39.81% Total
The project ran from start of operations to sale of final asset 103 days
This works out to an average rate of return of 11.59% per month.

I would specificaly like to thank Teena Wyldfyre and Cathrianne for their tireless work during this project.

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CrazyKinux said...

Not too shabby mate! Congrats!