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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I make it into the millitia

After the cool down period finaly ends, I make it into the Minmatar militia. Having worked on getting some T1 frigates ready ahead of time, I take one of the T1 rifters and head towards the sound of the guns (war target sighting reports). I'm not entirely sure since I haven't been at this very long, barely a few hours, but I think Ammatar space is now a free-fire zone between the minmatar and amarr. Guess I'll find out what it's usefullness is down the road.

Brilliantly I manage to mess up and forget to get in a jump clone that is implant-less. So back I go to fix up the jump clone situation. I basicaly go and grab my maspah clone and fly him back to where I'm staging ships for now.

Re-mounted in my trusty rifter I head out to low sec between heimatar and the bleak lands. I manage to find a totaly empty system (no one there). Check the map (thank you militial corp chat) and find out that it's one of the systems involved in the low sec part of the struggle. So whiping out my exploration skills (the exploration tab shows plantes and stargates) I start using my on board scanner to look for anomalies - and find one - that's related to FW. So I head into the dungeon and after dicking arround finaly figure out that you need to have the control points showing in order to figure out where you're supposed to go. Head to the control point and start orbiting it.

Thanks to chatter and local I figure out that my overview settings need MORE tweeking - there's a war target present and I didn't even realize it... Well using the scanner, I figure out he's in a malediction - an amarr interceptor. But he doesn't come in to play in the site. Probably because by this time other fellow militia pilots are in system with me and join up to finish off the capture of the site. Defensive capture. Not sure it realy did anything but heck it was my first and we took it without oposition.

After trying to track down the malediction (yea yea, a T1 rifter going after a maledicition), I decide that I'd wasted enough time on someone that looked like he was content to hide in a mobile safe. I'll have to see about making sure I lay in a supply of cheap recon launching probes. To truely make use of them I'll need astrometrics V. So I put that somewhere on my development plan.

Bassed on the chatter, it looks like the amarr pilots like to safespot a lot. I may get some good use out of those Probes I'm going to build. So for now I head back to my manufacturing station and lay some plans in. Looks like I'll want to establish 2 forward bases so I dont' need to go far when I need to change ships or when I need to get a new one. I pick the two spots and decide what ships I want to base at each. Till I get a handle on who can be trusted and who not (EvE is such a spy infested game), I'll be sticking to T1 frigates. So I set manufacturing orders for 6 sets of modules and ammo for 6 more rifters. I"ll place them tomorow. I need to remember to build before I go on patrol and build after I get back. Patrols last long enough that even the ammo is ready when I get back.

Sticking to the frigates for now is probably quite sound, since my skills are actualy quite good in frigates as a whole. I may need to work a bit on my rocketry skills but my gunnery skills are quite spiff. It's nice when you check a fit in EFT and you see nothing but level IV and V skills supporting something.


Anonymous said...

Nice that you joined Minnie Militia as well. We lack WTS atm though so you might experience some dullness atm. Hope that that doesnt discourage you too much :).

Letrange said...

Actually I want to try out a little probe variant. This hide and seek the Amarr seem to like should give me plenty of recon launcher practice. See my next post.

WTM said...

Well if you are ever too short of war targets feel free to come give us gallente guys a hand with the Caldari...