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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Down to my main

Well my main keeps skilling up.  Next: Cruise Missiles V finishes in 14 days.  However my last alt account ran out of pre-paid time.  So all my research alts and a scout all and my hauling alt are all dormant now.  Only my main account left awake.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the POS dies while I'm at work....

Title says it all.  Got to wonder what they were thinking... Anchoring a POS and not defending it effectively...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

POS Bash

Just as I needed to log in to skill flip, I get a CTA last night.  As I told the boys when I left the alliance and we set each other to mutual blues, "If you need an extra BS for a POS bash, send up the Let Signal".  So as soon as I get in, I get in fleet and query the usual questions: Where and With what?

So I was given my destination and told to bring the heavy iron.  So I jump into my POS bash setup Maelstrom and head on out.  19jumps to the k-space connection.  Once I get there I add my firepower to the poss bash and we get the tower into re-enforced quite handily (small POS, I log on at 9:00pm local and we get it re-enforced by 11:00pm and although I missed the incapacitation of plenty of modules, I was there for the entire tower shoot.  And yep the T2 guns pretty much doubled my damage output compared to the last POS bash I was on.

I was originally planning to log out at a friendly POS.  When I discovered that the local POS'es need to be "adjusted" a bit so that they follow alliance settings and don't shoot blues...  Thanks Devlon, look into that would you?...  I got out fine, Scrams don't have a lot of range (you may want to fix that...) and since the friendly POS was not on full blown war footing, I was able to tank the "Friendly" POS fire until I could warp away (yay for AB's)...

I'm thinking I need to adjust my fit a bit and simply remove the AB on the POS basher.  The situation is mainly static when engaging at a POS anyways.  So I went back to the high sec base and we'll see what I decide to do before the next POS bash...

Check back in two days for PART II