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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yep got killed by Concord thanks to an idiot FC. 

"You do realize I'll get concorded if I jump to high sec right?",

"No you won't, JUMP!",

"Ok.... Yep can't warp and here comes Concord...",


FCs... Guaranteed to get your ship killed in the most ignominious way possible.



Good thing I made the assumption that I'd loose the ship flying with these guys, but still...  It would have been nice to do something other than point a pod with the ship...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not a lot of news over the last few days.  I am skilling up to level 5 on a bunch of navigation skills.  I'm kinda late to the part to get Fuel Conservation V, but better late than never I guess.  I did manage to get all the relevant BPOs for supporting orbital strike ammo (Tactical).  I wonder when they'll give us the "strategic" ammo?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pardon the dust.... 514

I swear they named the game for my area code...  And it's crumbling infrastructure...  But I digress.  So over the weekend I fired up my PS3 and went and checked my Dusty character.  I think there's one more character wipe coming before the 22nd (when the open beta goes live), but it was a chance to see just how linked the Dust side of things is to the EVE universe.  I can't talk much about the Dust side of things (pesky NDAs), but yea on the EVE side things need a bit more polish...  So I had my alt apply to the corp I'm CEO of.  The application went smoothly.  Accepting - piece of cake.  Roles?  Why the hell does my Dusty appear 3 times ?!?

So, yea, good things they say it's still in beta.  It needs a bit more elbow grease.  From the EVE side.  Which we don't thankfully have NDAs about.  Got me some tactical ammo BPOs, going to go cook some up soonish.  With Incursions, unfortunately looking like a waste of time waiting around for nothing much happening, I'm going to have to go back to more carebearish ways for a bit to build up the ISK reserves.  Once my Isk reserves are back in shape I'll probably head into Faction Warfare.  We'll see how it goes.  I do need to get into Dust more so I suck less on the battlefield.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

High sec incursions go poof


So I log in.  Hit my journal to see what incursions I could go hang around.  Null sec, Null sec, Null sec.....


Oh well, I ended up heading back to base and helping an old friend with some recycling.  Scrapmetal processing V for the win.  Didn't have much other time to mess around with things so that was it for the night.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Humm... Looks like Incursions will be a bit hit and miss.  Either I start looking hard for an incursion corporation or I look for some other way to make isk.  When you get in a fleet it isk/h is good.  But the problem is the amount of non-productive downtime you spend waiting for a fleet.  And since most incursions seem to take place in Amarr/Khanid space, it means that I can't necessarily mission nearby while waiting for the next fleet to form up.

Either that or I've just been unlucky.

Going to need to get proactive on the chat channels I think.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting in the pod again.

I think I've got the other games out of my blood for a bit.  We'll find out.  Yea, skill flipping for the last few weeks while playing other games has been the norm this time round.  I just haven't felt like playing EVE at all.  Part of it was some conversations with other friends who used to play EVE and won't be back.  Kinda makes things a bit of a downer.  Been playing Planetside 2 (PC based and yea Dust 514 is going to have it's work cut out for it), Minecraft for the carebear stuff,  World of Tanks for my MOBA PvP fix.  We'll see.  I've been playing EVE online since the start of 2007 and it's now 2013...  That's 6 years in February.  Still kind of at a loss for direction. 

But I've decided to get my (in game) finances under control over the next little bit and see what happens over the next while.  So last night, in celebration of the new year, I flipped the skill (so by tonight I will have finished off the ladar sensor strengthening skill to 5) and started in on the polishing up of some Navigation skills.  Yes I know a matari player without maxed nav skills.  I'll get there.  And then looked at my stable of ships.  Humm there's a Scimitar gathering dust.

Takes me a while to remember how this goes.  Then I remember "oh yea, Journal to find the closest Incursion".  Not bad 16 jumps away.  I head out to the incursion and just put my hat in the ring.  The first fleet that was looking for a Logi pilot was a bit of a bust.  Disorganized, only the two (two?!? where's the third logi???) Logi pilots in the fleet get on voice coms.  After some discussion with the other logi pilot about the state of the fleet and the lack of anything remotely resembling organization, we both decide to bail.

After that things went much better.  I get picked up by the fleet that was a few seconds late getting their invite to me the first time.  Things go much better right off the bat.  I've got two Basi pilots to work with and we're directed to a TS server for voice coms.  Much more comfortable.

Not much to say.  I managed to get 8 runs in, so it was a productive first session back in the game.  We'll have to see how things go tonight.  I did managed to knock some rust off.