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Friday, August 29, 2008

Glitch Fixed

I start the evening off in my 2nd base. This time determined to resolve my overview glitch once and for all. In order to do so I will need to loiter in a system full of Amarr militia. This calls for cloaky-ness. So I get one of my recon launcher equipped probes and head towards the front line (Dal/Amamake in this case - safe to say it since about everyone on both sides knew there was action there last night). So I setup an undisclosed distance from the Amamake gate in Dal after checking that there were indeed war targets in system.

After trying in vain for about 15min I finally try the "reset" button on the filters. Lowe and behold .... Holly crap half the system is war targets. After reporting on general system war target counts and specific ships and locations when they were at the gate for a while, I decide to call it an early evening. I pass thru several contested systems on the way back and fail to find any sites. I suspect that we may need to pop some of the other sites nearby in the hopes that they will re-spawn in the contested system so the contested system can be rendered uncontested.

I then head back to my high sec base #2 and take a break.

When I get back I decide to do a wee tad of the old industry thing. I go out and buy the BPOs to the missing R.A.M.s from my collection. Since I got the skill high enoug to actualy manufacture one of the components that go into the T1 cloaks, I go out and get the advanced materials from the market in order to do so and get the job cooking. I get enough for the other component (this will give me a reserve of components sufficient to build 4 T1 cloaks. One of these days I'm going to have to get a price list going for the advanced materials so I can calculate how much the stuff I build is worth like I do for the rest of the T1 stuff.

I decide that since I'm going to be doing PvP for a while, there's no reason not to use the high sec slots even with their month long lag times. Sure, it's not as efficient as a tower but since I'm not using most of the un-researched BPOs any time soon - I might as well. I pop in 5 jobs. 3 of the frigates and 2 of the R.A.M. BPOs. This is where I learn that high sec slots are HELLA expensive and damn have I been undercharging on the towers... Did CCP do something to slot pricing a while back when I wasn't looking? Even at 10k an hour a tower slot is cheaper than an empire ME slot. Wow.

And that's it for the night. I have the day off today, so we'll see how much I get on EvE.

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