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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ah! now that's more like it

Today went much better. In the morning it was a bit of a loss. No gangs running and didn't find a plex worth doing. Using both a Rifter and a Probe. This time the probe was outfitted with some salvaging scan launcher rig. But I just didn't get lucky and there was a heck of a lot of Amarr activity and not enough Minmatar gangs going. Figured it was a bit of a loss so docked back up and went and did other stuff for a while.

Later on in the evening, I jumped in the o.O, a Rifter, and got lucky there were gangs going. After bopping around a bit we managed to get some tackles and some kills, An Armaggedon, an Abbadon and a Coercer. I'm especialy proud that I was highest T1 frigate on both BS kills. Later on when trying to get another kill I managed to tackle a Purifier, but it managed to kill me before help could arive. Got him into armor and with other fleet members jumping thru probably gave him a real good scare. So the o.O is no more, but it managed to get in on some serious kills so it was worth it. Although once again I manage to forget to insure it... I realy need to remember to do that...

After that since it looked like we would be mixing plexes with baiting some Amarr to get a fleet toghether, I got out my Probe and re-fit it with a cloak and just the scan probe launcher. The only ammo I brought was the multispecs and some anti ship probes. Since the ship is tech 1 and not rigged the scan times are long (just under 5 min) but on the flip side I can confirm or deny the presence of a plex with absolute certainty. This time I remembered to insure the Probe even if I didn't loose it.

Out of this I got some orders for some hulls, I'll be filling that out over the next few days. There are pilots with the militia that have rather low sec standing and have a bit of trouble getting supplies from time to time.

All in all a good day.

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