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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Tax... Again

With my work kinda stalled due to a lightning strike, I decided to finish off doing missions for The Leisure Group. Now for those who are unaware of how this works, when ever you refine ore, there are 2 things that can cause you not to get the maximum possible minerals out of the refine. The first is your skill at refining. I've got that covered up to Gneiss in 50% stations without a problem. The next is mineral taxes. In this case, you actually need standing with a particular NPC corp to be at or above 6.7. Once you reach that they no longer tax your minerals when they refine.

The problem of course is that you may for various reasons move your mining ops around. Certainly over time I've bopped around quite a bit in empire. So having multiple places I can dock up and refine just allows me to be more flexible in my mining location choices.

Six No tax NPC corporations

As you can guess the Minmatar republic kinda likes me, even if I'll never be able to help out with the factional warfare due to alliance leadership issues (i.e. I am an alliance leader - ergo no FW for me).

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