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Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting things ready

It's an interesting exercise getting things ready to shut things down. For example, I'm probably going to have to wait till after I get out of the war to sell the un-researched BPO. And I can't do it on the market. This is because although we had to pull it early, it can't be re-packaged so can't be re-sold.

I've managed to dispose of some of the duplicate BPOs that were owned by the corp and are no longer needed since I'll be PvPing. I'll eventually have to move my BPO collection to a station with manufacturing slots, but it can sit safely where it is for now. My current copies are sufficient for me to have plenty of modules and ammo for anything I might want to PvP in. In fact since I didn't melt the hulls down I have a resonably unlimited supply of PvP ships to fly in for the FW phase of my plans: 15 Slashers, 17 Vigils, 17 Rifters, 6 Thrashers, 2 Scythes, 2 Bellicoses, 2 Sabbers and 1 Rupture. If I'm somehow able to loose all that before I get into HAS and BS, I"ll be doign something wrong... And I can always make more...

Well as I commented to someone asking about the ships I'll be going thru in PvP: "I'm an industrialist, if I sneeze out pops a fully fitted cruiser". And untill I get into T2 production, I'll be able to keep myself in T1 ships forever. Thanks to insurance, my Hulk and my manufacturing skills/researched BPOs it is almost impossible for me to run out of ships. Heck with what I've got in BPCs so long as I ended up in a station with said BPCs and manufacturing slots, I could bootstrap myself into just about any T1 ship I've got the BPC for (yes I have the bpos for mining lasers and what not).


Anonymous said...

Well that does it. First. I'm going to dump all the vegetables in my corp. Second, IF I recruit again, whoever applies is going to go through a THOROUGH interview, and I'll see what I can do about an investigation. As for the POS debacle, I'm still investigating possible alternate sites, and while GAMIS is full, I've located some promising areas. They are Ammarr however, so standing is an issue for most of the alliance. They do have plenty of things to recommend them.

1.) The proper type of ice is nearby.

2.) Minerals are close with easy access (including low sec rare mins.)

3.) Traffic is low. (relatively speaking.)

4.) NPC stations are both plentiful and cheap for office rentals with medical facilities included.

For further details, I'll accept eve-mail, but for security reasons, only from Letrange.

Letrange said...

Hey valk, you should really be around more often when stuff happens...