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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The stasis chamber is preped

And the first of a few board meetings was held. For me personally however it has become clear I must go down the PvP road for a at least 3-6 months minimum. The objective of this little trip is to a) learn PvP and if possible, eventualy learn to FC, b) Get my PvP skills up, get into HAS with full T2 capability on all modules used and get into BS with all combat modules at least up to T1 level 4. I intend to go thru FW first till I can do b) then head out to 0.0 and get in an alliance as a combat pilot.

Due to the situation with the towers the 3rd alliance project will be closing no matter what happens to the alliance. We'll have a slight profit so no one will loose isk but it's a wee bit of a hassle. The major BPOs that were owned by individuals or corporations have been re-patriated to said individuals. The Megathron BPO will probably be sold back on the market unless someone wants to grab it in it's un-researched state (the two war-decs in a row basicaly put paid to that - if they had held off another week we'd have had a ML10 BPO to sell but meh, such is EvE). I have some BPCs the project purchased that will need to be disposed of.

As far as my corporation goes, I'm either going to use it as the place holder with an alt in charge or close it down if it looks like I'm going to transfer the leadership of the alliance. That being the case it was time to shut down all operations of the corp itself. So the manufacturing operation in Eram has been closed down and the researched BPOs used for that have been crated up. All market reserves have either been melted or transfered to myself (well THAT was nice amount of minerals). The labs owned by myself and my corp are going up on sale. They'll sell when they sell. My main BPO collection has been crated up. I've still got the liquidation of the alliance owned tower assets remaining that I need to sell and convert back to isk for the alliance coffers. The good news is that this all happend when I was way low on fuel. This weekend was scheduled to be the "go out and buy 6 months of NPC goods" run. Bad timing for the research, good timing for the fuel run. So there's not much to liquidate there. I'll probably just buy up the two weeks of alliance tower fuel for a few mil and mothball it.

Damn I just realized I'll need my alt to be the one to sell the alliance assets. Ah well, I'll fix that tonight.

Now some discussion about why I'm personally in favor of mothballing the alliance. The war dec has been engineered by an admited scammer. Therefore I must asume we've been infiltrated. That being the case I have to make the assumption that he's doing this to drive the industrialists out of the alliance in order to be some sort of "last man standing" so he can social engineer a takeover of the alliance. Now given that I've identified the lack of PvP pilots in the alliance (well more problematic is the lack of FC and PvP trainers but I digress). And with our current lack of a pool of PvP pilots to draw from, I must conclude that getting a PvP wing going under the current circumstances - and given my lack of personal PvP experience - is unrealistic.

Giving in to extortionists was never an option - I prefer to operate in a scorched earth manner. They can steal and destroy our stuff but no one is giving them a sigle 0.01 isk voluntarely. I'd prefer to destroy the alliance rather than have that happen. Better to put it to sleep for a few (read many) months till I can get a proper PvP wing to gether to withstand this type of harrasment. Sad, but once the decision has been made, best not to drag it on.

In case you guys haven't clued in: I'd prefer to destroy a 10 billion hard earned isk (not that we have that) rather than pay 0.01 isk in ransom. I have zero respect for anyone who pays a ransom. I know most of my CEOs feel the same way. That's just the way I play.


Anonymous said...

Amen on the scorched earth policy let em kill me I do not care. I too will never ever pay a dime. too bad you ahd an infiltrator :( those always suck. As for PvP best of luck and such. I do not know what you like to fly and whatnot but I wish you good luck. Amarr seem to have a nice set of PvP ships but meh whatever you can fly bro. Good hunting!

Letrange said...

Hehe, Matari all the way, my frigate skills are fairly highly up to snuff, it's the cruiser and battleship skills that need polishing. And I have the premonition that even with the upcoming speed changes, the Rifter will remain the Rifter.