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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving a lab

It occurs to me that few pilots in EvE have a rather intimate knowledge of how to put up and take down a POS (Player Owned Structures), or even parts of one. So I decided tonight's post would be a bit of a short photo essay on things most pilots don't end up seeing till they've been around a while.

Scale of a POS module package

Just about all POS modules start out life as some sort of package that needs to be anchored. The act of anchoring it will turn it into whatever it happens to be. The above picture shows the scale of the package beside my Prowler. Below there is a close up of the package itself.

Mobile Laboratory Package Unanchoring

And of course there's the Mobile laboratory when it's fully deployed and online.

Mobile Laboratory

This evening was brought to you but "not very exciting but had to be done in order that people can get on with researching their BPOs".


Anonymous said...

Nice! I know nothing about POSs, so stuff like this is always interesting

Anonymous said...

Oh pretty pics :). I have used the labs but never seen them up close tbh.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god. When I left the Vale of the silent we had 17 POS in operation. The simple amount of time that has to be spent maintaining those things is absolutely incredible. It took me 36 hours of constant action to help dismantle 3 of the 17 POS. SHut it down, then wait for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or more, remove fuel, un-anchor haul to rally point. repeat cycle over and over. Much respect for you setting one up!