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Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Alt same as the old Alt

I decided to make a new alt. Now at the moment I've only got one account. Which means only two alts. With the increase of the alliance lab count, I decided to re-task one my my personal labs back to my own research. However even with my main and his Advance Laboratory Operation 4, that's more labs than I can handle with just Letrange. So it's Achura time.

Now I already had 2 alts, but one is in use as the CEO of the corporation running the alliance project. And the other was another CEO build that is not really suited to research. So bye bye Tukar. Hello Tukar. Got rid of the old alt and made a new one with the Laboratory Operation 5 and just needing to learn Scientific Networking 1. So I take the hour it takes to get that skill and I have a usable research alt.

Note that you simply turn of your main's learning, send isk from your main to the alt before even getting into it (enougth to buy the skillbook). Then you log into the alt, kill the tutorial (you don't want any missions, not even the tutorial one if you want to remain faction standing neutral). Pick up the skill book (it'll be in the station you're in since it's a tutorial system). Start learning it and autopilot to your research system.

Depending on how far it is, by the time you get there you've got the skill and can apply to the corp with the research POS. Quick skip over to the main to get it's learning skill back on and to accept the alt, set it to director.

Back to the alt, assign the corp wallet to the main operations wallet (not that he'll use it cuz my personal labs dont' have charges since I pay for their proportion of the fuel). And start researching.

After that it was off to do more missions. Still trying to get Leasure up to 6.7. Interesting thing I've got in my hauler set. Now my favorite hauler is the Prowler. If you're read previous posts you know that. But occasionaly it's small cargo hold just isn't sufficient. Back in the day before I could fly one of these, I nanoed and rigged out one of my mammoths. It's got 2 low friction nozzel joints, inertial stabilizers, nanofiber internal structures and a single tech 2 expander to get 8.9k m3 cargo space (over double the prowler). Makes it sort of a poor man's prowler. Damn thing more responsive than most non-nanoed cruisers. Makes for a nice compromize between my max volume haulers that are slow as hell and my prowler with it's tiny cargohold. Damn usefull when the item to be hauled is just over the prowlers capacity.

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