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Thursday, June 26, 2008

And Ice Refines

After a few weeks of assiduously following my development plans, I can finally do perfect ice refines. I just need to clean a few things up skill wise (get tech 2 omber crystals for the strip miners) and then its on to combat skills for a while.

I also managed to re-fill my bunker again. I'm 79mil up after refill. I'm firming up my plans for the extra isk. I think I need to get a few quick extra order slots and use them to put up some mineral buy orders so that I'm not always running around hauling ungodly amounts of minerals. The other option is to have the corp eventually buy up the POS modules and the lab.

I think what I'll do is setup buy orders and if he volume is high enough, get back into cruiser production. Should I really have enough order slots I think I should get into cruiser module production and ramp up the mineral flow volume. Then I'd be able to afford to buy up the POS even while supporting buy orders for minerals

We'll see.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

HULK SMASH! (roids)

I finally picked up my Hulk. Mmmmmm. Roid crunching goodness. I need to get plagioclase and omber tech 2 skills but appart from that - it's good to go. I'm still grinding my way thru to ice refining. But that will come.

In other news I now have 5 NPC corporations where I have no taxes when I refine. I've moved my mission runners to Gelf, but although the LP is worth it, the risk is not. All missions so far have been in low sec. It's less dangerous since the advent of FW but still not "safe".

So I think I'm going to switch to a station near Vorsk (npc wise) and work on that standing wise. Probably Leisure. Since it looks like it's a nice and quiet system for mining in. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And it's time to wait for the update

The long skill is set. The meh update is underway. Empyrian Age might be a fine update for the PvP lite world, but for the industrial side, all effects are likely to be very secondary. A slight increase in frigate and cruiser sales. Maybe. The finally appearing 6th Amarr frigate is going to be nice (I'll be zipping over to Amarr space to pick one up). I'm continuing on my drive to get ice refining. Once I do I'll probably do a quick slip to some trade skills in order to get some more sales slots. But soon after that I'll be heading hardcore into the combat skills.

On the alliance leadership side, either it's the summer blahs, or I need to get recruiting more. I think I have some of the building blocks in place. I am a little worried about acquiring PvP pilots in competition with the Faction Warfare stuff.

We'll see how it goes. In other news I now have 5 NPC corps that I have 6.7 standing or higher.

Friday, June 6, 2008


It's been a while. Been working on the mining skills for the nonce. I can use most tech 1 mining crystals in a tech 2 strip miner now. I finally got the 4th level of the Mining upgrade skill, so can put tech 2 Mining Laser Upgrades in my mining ships. I can use tech 2 Veldspar mining crystals.

I got MMC finally above 6.7 and have moved my missioning hub from Uttindar to Pator (there being no decent high sec level 3 agents with Republic Security Services. Changed my salvaging destroyer for a salvaging battlecruiser. Added Pepe to the mission ships. I may take down the 2nd Mammoth if it does not see enough action. The Coveter is with the mission ships as I want to be able to mine mission roids. I've managed to run Angel Extravaganza level 3. So things have been progressing on the personal development front.

On the alliance front. The holding corp is now folded into LCSC. The Dominix BPO is now at ME:10 so I'm peeling off BPC's like mad. Apogee has returned to the game and does not want to take back AMC. But the war definitely caused a reduction in pilots online within the alliance - the sacking of AEONC also didn't help that aspect necessary though it was. We will look into re-vitalizing this aspect of our operations at the next board meeting Sunday.