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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Major Changes

And again it's been a while since I've blogged.

Much has changed. So I will start with a summary of the recent months.

Things have been going quite well in Chaosstorm, my Corporation. After getting up our POS and maintaining a 5.0+ standing with the Minmatar Republic. Hi-sec research corporations such as mine endeavor to maintain a 5.0+ corporate standing with specific factions in order to emplace research dedicated POSs in 0.5+ empire systems. This allows the stations to be fairly immune to incidental attacks, since it now takes an alliance/corp that can field 15+ BS many many hours to reduce the POS. Even a small one. The result is that these hi-sec POSs are very safe places. Especially so when the people using them have the skills necessary for remote research. This the researchers to place the BPOs in a in system station and as such are protected from any losses. Only a limited part of any BPO collection is in research at any one time and if there is a war dec, they can all be stoped and the BPOs are then safe in the NPC station.

The interesting result of this has been the acquisition of two new pilots. Both have commited to getting their standings with Minmatar above 5.0. Both are currently lagging due to lack of online time but since the corp average is at 4.91 we remain withing striking distance and should a push be needed, should be attainable withing short order.

While the research on my collection of BPOs is progressing and my skills are improving (I now have advanced lab op 4 and am able to research 10 lines at once), LCSC has settled into a nice development mode. No major changes planned in the short term.

Then two curve balls came:

1) there was an aborted alliance move into the Derilik/Curse. This was abortive in that the move was originally mandatory but eventually became optional for the industrial corporations. So I spent a week rationalizing my possessions and moving most of my main operation to Maspah in Derilik... Only to find out why the move was optional the next weekend:

2) The PvP centric corporations decided to leave the alliance... And since the senior alliance leadership was mostly concentrated in the two corporations that left, this was a heavy blow to AMC. As part and parcel of this move, I was offered control of AMC along with sueAGPlant. When sue dodged the position with Neo-like moves, I ended up in control of AMC.

Yep 9 months into the game I'm now in control of an alliance... Someone shoot me please.

My next blog will detail the trials and tribulations of taking over leadership of an alliance when over half it's pilots leave....