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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Local glitch

The evening started out with the trip to the manufacturing hub. For this my Prowler is the vehicle of choice. With it's higher warp speed and excellent align to warp time, it is good both on warp to zero and on autopilot.

Once I get there, the Vigils are ready. It is then a decision as to what to what to make next. Evidently converting some of the probes to use scan probe launchers for plex rundowns would be a good idea. So I proceeded to put in some runs of scan probe launchers and various probes for same. Once again it's going to take more than 24h to get the run finished. Someone REALY gummed up the works there. Having done that, I once again use the hauler alt to run the Vigils to the destinations and head out in my Prowler to the 2nd forward base in order to assemble the ships that are sitting there and run out of that site tonight.

The reason for the hauler alt to do the hauling is that there are 4 vigils and modules to bring to 2 destinations. Although it's fast the Prowler is just not what one would call spacious (one frigate and modules is about it's limit). So while my alt does the deliveries on auto pilot (a T1 hauler with no rigs hauling 700k baseprice - worth a lot less - goods is prety safe from suicide ganks - if they do, I laugh my ass off), I'm free to assemble frigates and start patroling.

After assembling a reasonable force of disposable frigates. I then proceeded to go into harms way with the first Vigil of the bunch and try and resolve my local issue. I've even tried to clean my cache and what not. I finally tried leaving the militia and re-joining. I will admit that that was easy enough but I still don't know if it has resolved my problem. In the meanwhile I head out to plexes in order to run some defensive ones, and get these systems back to un-contested states.

I manage to get my 2nd promotion, So I'm now a Spear Lieutenant. I then spent the rest of the time trying to remove the contested flag from various systems. Basically any system I managed to find a site in, I managed to get back to uncontested. The plexing went well, but when I went to help a fellow pilot, I managed to get aced pretty quick. So Cosmic Dust is dust. First loss and it isn't even to any Amarr pilots - just to some pirate in a HIC. Note to self: turn off MWD when on final approach to an AC armed ship. If you don't you tend to swing wide and get nailed on the swing out. In all honesty from my point of view this was a hopless attempt since both pirate HIC were attacking a militia HIC. I would have been better off waiting for stronger re-inforcements to attack the pirates before engageing. Also it realy shows I'm not used to PvP - I forgot to insure the ship (not that a pure T1 Vigil is a great loss). However this one ship stabilized 4 systems that were contested and managed to get me my 2nd promotion. I hope it's few crew made it to their escape pods in the pause before the ships final destruction.

But at least I'm finaly starting to burn thru that mountain of ships I've got built up. The other thing I've got to start doing though is ganging up when I go out. With the Amarr being occupied or station hugging soloing defensive plexes is fine but for any other action I need to gang up. Besides it's the only way I'll figure out who's who.

Also for the heck of it I'm going to start putting in the Icons of the ships I fly on patrol in the blog (after the fact). Since I'll be burning thru the ships and changing their names, the intel given won't be much and will give a better sense of what's going on.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Not insured... FAIL !!!! :D

Happy to know I'm not the only one who makes weird mistakes.

On the MWD/AC thing, when I'm in my AC boats (Rifter, Stabber, 'Cane) I usually approach at full speed to try to get the nastiest bump possible, and THEN I orbit.

But yeah, tomorrow's discussion should be interesting ;)

Letrange said...

hey, I'm new at this "this ship is going to die soon" I'm used to ships lasting for over a year.... pretty pointless to insure that.

Anonymous said...

Hey LeTrange. Saw you out in your Probe last night. Hope you managed to find some good 'plexes to cap.

Fly safe :)

Letrange said...

hey, sorry didn't respond fast enough to your hello. And nope last night was a lousy night for finding let alone capping plexes. I've got some ideas for that next time, I may end up with multiple variants of the probe one of which will be a scan probe launcher and salvager version. I've noticed when I was on previous sites that if I hit the scanner I sometimes see mounds of wrecks from previous site battles. I may try to scan these down and salvage them a bit in between capping plexes.