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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lots o pirates


You can't say I don't engage.  Screwed up my exit last night and got podded for it, but at least I do get into fights.  Still re-learning and all that fun, but it's starting to feel better.  Still can't do it when I'm tired but at least the pirates are giving us lots o practice at dodging and when the signs are right, engaging.

Still learning the pros and cons of the environment and the ships though, so all is good.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A tale of two claw (fights)

Humm, better bring things up to date first.

I'm back in EVE.  I intended to get back in FW (Faction Warfare) much sooner after Fanfest.  Stuff(tm) happened.  First of all I found out that Cathrianne wanted to divest himself of the AMC alliance.  After taking a 70bil asset hit mostly due to the way he was living in WH I offered to re-take the alliance for half a bil.  It'll help him get on his feet again.

So, then came all the shenanigans of dealing with the EVIL Corp UI and getting the alliance and corporations shuffled like I wanted them - new holding corp in charge of the alliance with alt in charge of that corp.  Main corp out of the alliance so I can join faction warfare.  Shuffle shuffle shuffle.

The end result is that I once again have control of AMC as an entity and it's parked and sleeping nicely with my alt holding corp.  My corp (Chaosstorm Corporation) is now in Gallente FW like I wanted.  This permitted the two friends who wanted in on some FW action to join the corp at the end of the weekend.  Yay!

So, early in the weekend, I decided to take my Claw out and test the waters.  No joining fleets yet until I can tell the trolls from the more serious FCs.  Ended up warping to a site and running into a Condor.  So I think: Claw vs Condor, should be do-able.  The fight ends up being inconclusive as I make a metric tonne of mistakes.  Gah! the rust, the rust!  Long story short - I'm failing horribly so I bail on the fight.  Lucky it was a kiting condor so it wasn't able to impede my exit.  Post fight analysis revealed that only once in the entire fight did my guns land a hit.  Note to self: Claws orbit too fast at scram range under full mwd to land hits.  I would have been better off charging straight in.  DOH! #1.

Then last night I was able to get together with Othon (one of the two aforementioned buddies) who was piloting an Executioner (think T1 interceptor) while I was in my Claw (T2 interceptor).  I manage to cap one site in a system we get into and we get to a second site.  Pirate Hawk on the warp in gate.  We both go in.  And I decide "Well it's 2v1 if he comes in, might as well go for it".  Turns out once again rather badly.  This time at the cost of the Claw.  This time it was probably more of an ammo choice issue.  I was definitely damaging the Hawk, just not enough, even with the help of the Executioner.

All in all, a good start to FW.  Not so much in the loss sense, more in the "Holy frig, I need to get back in the game" sense of things.  On the good news side of things, I was never really happy with that Claw fit and never really happy with the way to fly it.  So all in all I'm not as disappointed in it's loss as I otherwise would have been.  Lessons re-learned and on to ships better suited to how we're going to use them.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


And I crawl home after the epicness that was Fanfest 2013.  The announcements were I must admit, nice but nothing to write reams over.  Plus I missed the Friday keynotes (feeling under the weather at that point).  Didn't miss the pub-crawl after though.  And did get to the Saturday keynote.

I must admit that the big thing for this Fanfest was meeting people I had known for over 6 years in the flesh for once.

Shout out to Cerui and Arancia.  Nice to be able to put a face to the voice.

Congratz to Ripgard again.

And once again thanks to the Montreal crew that made it:  Louis, Jean-Louis and Jean-Fran├žois.

Oh and of course a shoutout to Pub Crawl team 12 and the Ops guys.

(p.s. what is Anders's CCP name - anyone know?  I asked but I was drunk so memory spotty at this point)