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Monday, August 25, 2008

Capturing Plexes

So I start the night out back in my high sec manufacturing spot and I pop out the run of probes and modules/ammo for same. Then I start a run of modules for 4 of the Slasher hulls I have in my hull reserve. The Probes then get shoved into my hauler and hauled to my two forward bases along with 7 other copies of my standard T1 tackle Rifter build.

Once delivered, I head out in the Light and Fluffy. Since I'm still new at this I figure I'll try that whole "capture a plex thing" So I head to a random system, scan down a plex and head into it. This time I zero in on the control point and start the capture procedure right away. Head to it and start orbiting.

Minmatar Control Point

As usual, it's a bit of a nervous time while waiting to see if any WT (war targets) jump into the system and try and hunt me down. This time before leaving the system I look at the log after the capture. I find out that doing defensive captures in uncontested system does not give any rewards. Ah ha! So check the map and head to a nearby contested system that's still in Minmatar control. Again I get the capture timer going and once again the Amarr militia is off playing footsy with the more experienced militia members. So I manage to capture the site. Not only that but the system becomes uncontested. Obviously the Amarr had done a small raid in force behind the main front lines in order to try and distract the main militia forces.

Orbiting a control point

I hit a 3rd system, contested again. This time I found a large site - potential BS could come in. But again no real WT interference so myself and another pilot who joined me about half way through were able to capture the site unopposed and again render the system uncontested. The next system we try we get un-lucky and there are no sites to find (or we just didnt' find any). And the last system that was nearby showed contested turned out to be un-contested. Someone else probably solidified our control while we were working on the previous systems. Looking at the time, I decide to head back to the barn. Two nights so far and not a scratch on my frigate, so far the crew is liking the lucky boat. Especialy since I've been flying alone for now.

Light and Fluffy

Once back in high sec I switch to my Mastodon and head to my manufacturing hub to pop out the Slasher modules I hat set cooking and shove in some Vigil modules. Holy crap! While I was gone someone filled up all the slots for at least the next 27h! Ah well, it's not like I dont' have enough hulls already - although I may switch arround some of the probes to have multi specs and scan launchers instead of recon launchers. I'd like confirmation that there are no sites in a system, and not that I simply haven't found one. Multipsecs are great for that.

While this was all going on - I had sent my alt over to caldari space to pick up the last two missing cruiser BPOs from my BPO collection: The Moa and the Blackbird. So I'm now much isk poorer than I was but I now have all the cruisers in the game. 11 of them are un-researched but hey at least I can manufacture them in emergency situations at resonable cost. In preparation for eventual invention work, I also picked up my first ship data interface. So with the existing data interface collection, once I get my science skills up to snuff, I'll be able to invent any Minmatar T2 ships and any T2 module/ammo/rig. Again going for flexibility over concentration of effort.

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