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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CEO, Mining and Griefers

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I'm not only a CEO of a high sec research corporation, I'm also the alliance leader of AMC. This has it's pluses (I get to occasionally steer this ungainly boat). And it's minuses (Lots o'typing and jawing).

One of the things I like to be able to do is mine while handling various things at the alliance level is mine. The only problem is that I'm a solo miner for the most part for various reasons. The biggest is that most of my alliance is over in Gallente space while I'm over in Matari space. I realize most 0.0 and low sec alliances will be horrified by the lack of concentration of forces, but the truth is the major reason for it is spreading out the market so that the alliance corporations don't step on each other's markets. As an added advantage we only usualy suck a single system dry of roids on various corp level ops instead of sucking more than one system with a full blown alliance level op as we're capable of doing. This being the case however I'm usualy on my own. And unfortunately I'm operating near Hek/Eram means there are lots of griefers. Also there are a lot of pilots being chased out of 0.0 these days. Bored 0.0 PvP pilots are realy realy annoying. They're like little children (technicaly this means thier behaviour is close to what lore says it should be so...). This means that any mining I do needs to be in an anti griefer mode. This means no jet can mining. Very annoying. Solo this means slaping expanders in your hulk and realy slowing down your potential mining rate.

Good thing I will soon be getting a hauling alt. Long story short, didn't get a lot done yesterday, interviewed a small corp with a senior pilot and his alts who is looking to relax from all the 0.0 grind and get in to some relaxing mining. On the flip side my last supporting skill for gunnery to level 4 - Surgical Strike is underway and I'll be finished those skills soon. A lot of skills re-inforce each other in EvE. This means that to realy use a specific module, some times up to 6-7 skills can come into play. Plus any implants. Now getting any skill up to 5 is usualy quite a chore. But getting skills up to 4 is not so bad. Once a pilot gets by his initial "oooo got to be able to fit THAT module" phase, he/she realizes that getting his skills up might just possibly be a good idea. However by the time you realize that this is a good idea you've got a LOT of skills to get up to level 4...

This of course will significantly delay my ability to fly a BS. On the flip side, when I actualy do get the skills up to fly one I'll be relatively effective from the get go. Tanking skills - if you get them while still in a frigate/cruiser - are identical for a BS as for a frigate. For PvE, tanking skills are actualy at a premium. Gank for PvP, Tank for PvE is the usual order of priority. And I'm looking at 23 days of shield skills... Ugh...

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