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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Schedule of upcoming updates

Well we finally get some word as to the firming up of the update schedule and it's contents. The Empyrean Age 1.1 will be the "bug fix and interface issues" update. So it should not be anything earth shattering. The real question is will it contain the speed changes. It looks from the statement that they wanted more testing that it could be in the 1.2 update, but they originally said a month and with 1.1 being delayed/scheduled into September (the last update was in June so this one was actually "due" end of august), it could actually be in the 1.1 update. It's very hard to tell. The suicide gank changes will probably make it into this one. The forum changes may or may not - CCP seems to have been understandably shell shocked by the untimely death of the person working on these changes. We may see these changes delayed for a few weeks while the next person gets a handle on where these changes are at. Fly with the stars CCP Taera.

1.2 is touted to be a "content" update for FW, this may be where we see the rewards being plugged into FW, the speed change will definitely make it in by then so they will be in place for the fan fest alliance tourney (which will probably be under-represented since the PvP pilots that usualy participate won't like the industrial themed event and the industrialist/miners are offended that use of real pilot skills is not enforced - supercharacters are boring).

The "Midas" expansion is touted to contain a whole whack of industrial goodies. It will probably contain walking in stations - with it's inherent new production possibilites. If the long rumored Orca was to make an apearance it would obviously be here. What the rest of it will consist of? who knows. I pray that one of the dev's pet projects - sized rigs - gets in this one. I'd like to be able to fit rigs on T1 frigates and dessies.

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