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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry X-mass

Well it's Christmas eve and merry Christmas to all of you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In my last post I took a look at ammunition and a little bit of the normalization of the autocannons. This time it's time to look at the big boom: artillery turrets.

The big difference is that the high tier guns of any particular size now have some massive increase in Alpha. Especially the large artillery.

250mm Light Artillery Cannon I
Rate of Fire: 8.500s
Damage Modifier: 4.62
Optimal: 8.05km

280mm Howitzer Artillery I
Rate of Fire: 10.710s
Damage Modifier: 6.403
Optimal: 10km

The way to compare these is to get the DPS modifier (Damage Modifier divided by rate of fire)
  • 250mm: 0.544
  • 280mm: 0.598
So the raw dps is a little tweeked for the larger gun. Not to mention a 38.6% greater alpha. Note that these guns saw the smallest relative changes.

Onto the medium guns:

650mm Artillery Cannon I
Rate of Fire: 12.65s
Damage Modifier: 4.62
Optimal: 16.10km

720mm Howitzer Artillery I
Rate of Fire: 20.003s
Damage Modifier: 7.973
Optimal: 20km

Once again calculating the DPS modifiers:
  • 650mm: 0.365
  • 720mm: 0.399
So once again there will be a DPS advantage to the larger gun. The alpha of the bigger gun is 72.6% more though.

Now for the big boys:

1200mm Artillery Cannon I
Rate of Fire: 21.038s
Damage Modifier: 5.082
Optimal: 32.20km

1400mm Howitzer Artillery I
Rate of Fire: 40.163s
Damage Modifier: 10.672
Optimal: 40km

And again with the factors and the relative alpha:
  • 1200mm: 0.242
  • 1400mm: 0.266
The alpha difference however is a massive 110% more alpha for the larger gun.

Now let's take a look at some gunboats and their bonuses. I'll concentrate on cruisers and battleships for now. I'll only list bonuses that affect guns as well.

No gun bonus

Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret Rate of Fire

Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret firing speed

Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret firing speed per level.
Minmatar Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret damage per level.

What can we conclude? The signature turret bonus is rate of fire bonuses for Minmatar ships. This is a better raw DPS bonus than a raw damage bonus but does not help alpha. The conclusion is that if you want to build an alpha ship out of the minmatar cruisers the only real option is the Rupture. The rest are realistically special use ships. Namely skirmishing in falloff with the Stabber Painting with the Bellicose and and aiding tracking with the Scythe.

Now the battleships:

Minmatar Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret Rate of Fire per level

Minmatar Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret Rate of Fire per level
Minmatar Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret damage per level

Minmatar Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret Rate of Fire per level

The analysis here shows that the tempest is the ship that initially looks like the clear winner in the alpha race. It's problem is that at level 5 it's a 25% bonus but the Maelstrom has 33% more guns. On the flip side the Tempest does get to keep 2 utility highs for remote reps and large newts (anti tackle). In the end, due to the default targeting range and the fact that it can use more turrets, (not to mention it has the power grid to fit a full rack of 1400mm with pg to spare) the Maelstrom is the clear winner in the alpha sniper sweepstakes. The larger quanties of lows and higher maneuverability of the Tempest make it a better skirmisher however. The typhoon although a good ship is just not suited for high alpha long range skirmish work.

These changes will not have great impact on the PVE side of the equation. However on the PvP side these changes can have potentially enormous impact. These changes really herald the re-birth of the matari skirmish squadron. The only problem such a squadron has is that all the pilots have to be coordinated and know how a skirmish squadron is supposed to fly. There is also the issue of integration into a larger fleet. Most FCs will not know how to assign duties to an attached skirmish squadron. The thing is that a properly fit and coordinated skirmish squadron has rather specialized uses. Ideally it should consist of enough high alpha units to one-shot a plated BS. Tactically it should be used in conjunction with interceptors and scouts to warp into battle - kill a key target then warp out.

One of the key things to observe is that thanks to the fact that it's now critical to get a first full damage hit, the Bellicose and the Scythe now have more of a role than they previously did. The Bellicose makes sure the targets are nice and large, the Scythe makes sure that any battleships it's assigned to support have extra tracking so that enemy movement has less of a detrimental impact on the damage coming from the guns (less misses). The rest of the armament on these two types of ships should be anti-tackle. A squadron of 6 Tempests backed by a Bellicose, a Scythe and two scouts can potentially wreck havoc on enemy sniper squadrons and support vessels. Not to mention occupy the attention of enemy FC's and distracting them (ideally at a critical moment).

I suspect that the FCs who show some originality in using squadrons like this will be albe to gain some tactical advantage from them. They are great for taking on remote rep fleets since they don't care if you have reps or not (the whole point of massive alpha is to kill the ship in one shot preferably. No chance to rep in those cases. This is actually a great opportunity to develop new FCs since the semi-independent nature that using a skirmishing fleet like this entails means that it needs a Squadron Commander to lead it independent of the the main fleet FC.

The real challenge sill be making sure that the squadron is trained up in the correct tactics and that the support/anti tackle ships are trained in their roles.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Projectile Ammo

As part of Dominion there was a major re-balancing of projectile ammunition as part of a re-balancing of projectile weapons in general. As such it behooves us to go over the changes with a fine tooth comb in order to make sure we pack the correct ammo for the situation.

The first thing to realize about the changes is that there are now only 3 ranges of Projectile ammo. -50% range, 0% range and +60% range ammo. The 0% gets a +20% tracking bonus and the +60% gets a +5% tracking bonus. The gun tiers also got some changes. For AC the larger tier guns get longer falloffs compared to the lower tiers:

125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
Falloff: 4km

150mm Light AutoCannon I
Falloff: 4.4km

200mm AutoCannon I
Falloff: 4.8km

You combine this will falloff bonused hulls and the changes to tracking enhancers and you can get some totally insane falloffs:

Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to Large Projectile Turret falloff per level

Tracking Enhancer I
Falloff Bonus: 20%

Note that Tracking Computers only get a 10% falloff bonus, but they get to switch between all optimal and all tracking at will thanks to scripts.

The other change to the ammo was a "purification" of the damage types done. This means that except for Depleted Uranium, there is a clear preference for a specific damage type in any of the rounds. So lets take a look at the groupings:

Short range (-50% optimal, 0% tracking bonus):

2HP Explosive
1HP Kinetic

Fusion S
10HP Explosive
2HP Kinetic

Phased Plasma S
10HP Thermal
2HP Kinetic

As we can see since the range and tracking changes are identical between these ammo types, the only choice is which type of damage you want to emphasize. My prediction here is that Phased Plasma will rapidly overtake EMP as the short range ammo of choice, with fusion if one is expecting to go up against a lot of T1 Amarr ships.

Next we have the mid range ammos (+0% Optimal, +20% Tracking)

Depleted Uranium S
3HP Explosive
3HP Thermal
2HP Kinetic

Titanium Sabot S
6HP Kinetic
2HP Exposive

Here we can see that Deplete Uranium is the "Jack of all trades" ammo with Titanium sabot having a preference for Kinetic damage. I think that people will shy away from these ammos for PVE purposes but they will shine in PvP against smaller target ships with high tracking guns (i.e. the ammo of choice for your Dual 180mm AutoCannons). They will also present a nice backup ammo for artillery that has messed up and has a close up target where extra tracking becomes critical. They however only do 67% of the damage of the close range ammo. So you're taking a big DPS hit to get that extra tracking. They may also become the loadout of choice for ships that have tracking issues due to the way they are flown.

Finally we have the long range ammo choices (+60% optimal, +5% tracking):

Carbonized Lead S
4HP Kinetic
1HP Explosive

Nuclear S
4HP Explosive
1HP Kinetic

Proton S
2HP Kinetic

As you can see, the damage types are at long range preclude doing any thermal damage at all. On the flip side there will no longer be a gradual tradeoff between a bit more damage for a bit less range. Now the choice will be "where do i think the damage hole will be"? Obviously for T1 targets it is carbonized lead or nuclear. For shield tankers it's proton. However at 5 damage total compared to 12 for the short range ammo, there are definite issues of "lack of DPS" at long range. These will just about never be used on AC boats so these become Artillery only ammunition, on the flip side we now can control the damage type we favor at extreme ranges.

And that is my handy dandy run down on the new Projectile ammo choices.

Last EVE meet of the year

And we had the last EVE meet of the year here in Montreal. I'd like to thank Cozmik R5, BlueMiner (and BlueMiner's S.O. - I think), Havegun Willtravel, Uozag, mokmo3, cartboard box and IvanAsen for showing up. As per usual this marks the end of the meet season for 2009 as most of our next meets involve friends and family and RL type of commitments. Fot those unfamiliar with the Montreal EVE meet scene, it's fairly informal, a bunch of us get together every 2 weeks on Saturday at a local bar (one bar if it's rainy, a different one if it's sunny). One's an Irish pub, the other is one of the local microbreweries.

As far as the wormhole exploration goes I'm still hunting for a good class 5 to settle in, I've managed to get both myself and my scanning/hauling alt in class 4 systems with statics to class 5's. I'm debating getting a third account and making nothing but scanning alts on it. It's not very long to get the skills for a scanning alt in place and having multiple of them that I can drop off in wormhole systems would be very useful.

Well, time to go read the EVE-o forums for Dominion discussion chew bones. I'm sure that I'll find a few.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Open reply to Sage and Manasi

What we have here boys is a failure of analysis and un-realistic expectations. For those that don't read the comments, these were comments left in response to my un-expected consequences post:

A _wee_ problem? If the nullsec you're holding does not have direct highsec/lowsec access, it's a HUGE problem. Those freighter fleets that got hotdropped were owned by large alliances and had capital fleets escorting them. If even they cannot survive, how will smaller alliances with, say, less than 50 capitals total get a freighter in through hostile space? I think your "HTFU" mentality here is directly countering one of the main points for even making sov changes - to make it possible for smaller, newer groups to enter nullsec.
And Manasi:
Freighters in low sec or 0.0 is a joke, and a sick one at that, no way in hell a smaller ( read poorer) alliance can even get started without a freighter)

I want new people to come to 0.0, so anything that outright discourages then from doing so is well...counterproductive IMO.

I know of 6 0.0 Corporations that have no heavy lifting or logistics wings and exist purely to PvP, I also know several corporations that ditched their industry/mining/logistics guys months BEFORE dominion.

freighters still cost too much IMO, and making pilots fly through vast reaches is idiotic.

As far as someone claiming to own a system, without dropping a TCU( be under someone's influence) I think that people will not be able to project power too far from their homes for quite a bit of time. The sheer amount of manpower needed to MAINTAIN their particular sov/ military/industrial level cannot me underestimated.

As for moon mining? look at dysprosium/prometheum prices they are in the toilet, so that revenue stream is dead.

I normally agree with you on a lot of points but today I disagree, meh win some lose some I guess.
Bear in mind that I've been looking at the Dominion changes from the point of view of a) an alliance leader (however unprepared my alliance is for life in k-space 0.0 I have looked at it and what would realistically be needed to live there and I do frequently get asked the question "have you looked at moving to 0.0").

First of all, sage:

- Welcome to the biggest problem with eve from the care bear's point of view. It has always been pretty impossible to directly defend carebear assets in EVE. The fact that 0.0 alliances now need to worry about what the rest of us have had to worry about all along is actually refreshing. I have zero pity for anyone bitching about this. Having flow industrial ships in dangerous circumstances before it's all about scouting, op-sec and avoidance. It's like this in empire, it's like this in low sec, why should it be any different in 0.0. This is the way CCP set it up and they are not about to change that aspect any time soon. The problem is not that it's impossible to get the freighters through it's that large alliances are trying to get it all done simultaneously and immediately. Dominion just hit. All the large alliances are doing exactly the same thing. This provides ample opportunity to target the currently abnormal shipping patterns.

-Why the hell smaller entities are trying to slip thru right now? All the major and minor entry points are probably camped to a because of this. We all know there are pure PvP corp/alliances that like to gate camp the entry points. That's not going to change. Did you honestly think that ANY changes to the sov system would affect that fact? Most of these guys maintain a policy of reduced blues in order to ensure there's ample PvP.

-Third, the changes to the sov system were never meant to allow smaller entities access to 0.0. That was simply a miss-interpretation of what CCP said. The sov changes had two objectives. One stop the absurd tower spam warfare with something more logical. Two allow more of an alliance's population to LIVE down in 0.0. It was hoped that this would EVENTUALLY allow space to free itself up in 0.0 for other entities to settle there. But for that to happen existing empires would need to reduce their foot prints. This hasn't happened yet.

-This however totally ignores the political realities of 0.0 life. Namely that from the point of view of large alliances they need: targets for their PvP'ers. So you have newbie corp/alliances who don't bother to hammer out their political relations BEFORE they move down there? All their doing is setting themselves up as squishy targets for when the local big boys have some free time they need their PvPers occupied and out of trouble. No changes to the mechanics of sovereignty is going to change this reality. The truth is that to even register on the diplomatic scale of most 0.0 entities you need to be of a certain size in the first place. Otherwise why even bother talking to you? You're just a target to keep the PvP'ers occupied and out of the alliance leadership's hair for a day or two. It's never a question of IF you'll get hammered, just when.


- Corps or alliances don't do anything serious in EVE without some form of heavy lift capacity. You don't get serious in wormhole space without the Orca and you don't get serious in 0.0 without freighters and jump freigthers. Any corp/alliance that can't arange that has no place as a space holding entity in 0.0. Heck even in empire space you aren't a serious player without freighters.

- The failure 0.0 to attract new people never had anything to do with the mechanics of sovereignty but with the local politics. Changing the mechanics without changing the politics will have very little effect long term. Unless there is a reason for large alliances to WANT smaller friendly neibours (as opposed to pets - those who pay off the larger alliance to leave them alone or punching bags who are let in solely to provide targets for the pvp'ers). None of the current changes engender that at all. Nor do they discourage anyone more than was already the case.

- As for the guys who don't have or ditched their logistics guys. Pardon me while I play the worlds smallest violin for their problems. Guys like that are the REASON there is less people in 0.0 than there could be. Besides on of the reasons to be IN an alliance is to have friends with capabilities that your corp does not have due to it's focus.

- Freighters are cheap, they cost less than most battleship BPOs. Now it might be the fact that I'm into T3 manufacture and production but I fail to see the issue with the cost of freighters. Not to mention the fact that before there were jump freighters, how do you think most of the real logistics work was done? Haulers just don't have the heavy lift capacity.

- Power projection is the state of things currently. None of the changes to sov structure have done anything to reduce the mobility of the larger gangs. If anything the lack of potential doomsdays has INCREASED the ability of alliances to project power (since battleship fleets no longer need to fear the one button splat).

- Lets' be very clear on something. There is a rather large difference between ALLIANCE income and PILOT income. The system upgrade and so on are really aimed at PILOT income, not at ALLIANCE income. Teritorrial alliance income will come from where it always did: Moon mining. That won't change under the new system. The only change was which moons would be the source of the isk, not the income levels. If anything passive alliance income has INCREASED in the short term due to the speculation in the T2 materials markets. This has been evident for quite a while for those who've been following the T2 materials discussions in the MD forum. Since alliance income will largely remain unchanged in source (if shifted from moon type a to moon type b), the system development stuff is aimed at the pilots income.

- Dispro is hardly dead - it's just not the sole source of isk from moon mining any more. Tech and other moon minerals are headed WAY up. Now if an alliance set itself up that all R64 moons were alliance level property and the rest were corp property then it may need to restructure itself a bit. But Moon mining as a whole's income will actually be up over the short term. Just do some costing on manufacturing costs based on current jita prices and trends and you'll see that alliance income from moon minerals should actually be UP not down.

The changes do nothing to lessen the power of large alliances. If anything they increase them by allowing their pilots to be in 0.0 making isk instead of having to log into a mission alt up in high sec. It seems very clear to me that the changes were not aimed at attracting new pilots to 0.0 but at getting the 0.0 pilots who make their personal isk in empire (running level 4 missions) to make similar isk in 0.0. The rest of the changes were to get rid of "tower spam" warfare which everyone agreed was idiotic.

Reading into the tea leaves I suspect that they considered this to be one of the key things they needed to get in place before they bite the bullet and move all level 4 missions to low sec and make the changes necessary for mission availability in 0.0 outposts and stations. Now the removal of level 4 missions in high sec would be the key thing to REALY moving people out of empire space. I suspect they are heading that way, but they wanted to make sure that mechanisms would be in place to allow for similar income levels at decent population densities in 0.0 BEFORE they pulled the plug on the empire cash cow.

I suspect that Dominion is just Phase 1 of a sequence of changes that CCP wants to do to get things moved to 0.0 and that this particular phase was not the phase that was supposed to encourage the migration of population from empire to 0.0 itself. Dominion is just the ground work. They wanted to make sure that a) the new sov-system works as intended as far as the territorial wars themselves go and b) that there were income streams for the mass population of pilots that would find themselves in 0.0 down the road following future modifications. The fact that most people miss-interpreted these changes as being the ones that would facilitate the displacement itself is the problem of those making that miss-interpretation.


My plan is progressing. Last night my alt managed to get into a class 4 that has a static to class 5's. This should allow me to get some good exposure to class 5 wormholes in order to scout them effectively for the type of wormhole system I'm looking for. Now I just need to get my main in there.

Speaking of my main, I'd had a stealth bomber (Hound) sitting in a station container in my main base. Basically I've been holding off fitting it out since I couldn't fit a bomb launcher yet. I suddenly realized that with Dominion, the pre-requisites for the bomb launcher have changed. A quick check revealed that yes indeed I could now learn the Bomb Deployment skill. A quick trip using the Prowler over to matari space allowed me to acquire and slap the skill in.

Some quick EveHQ work later and I had a workable fit. Due to change in weapons a while ago, stealth bombers no longer use Cruise Missiles, but Torpedoes. I do have T1 Siege skills to 4 (not getting to T2 until I'm ready to get BS weaponry to T2), but I had not fit the ship since I did not have the bomb launcher skill yet. Now that it was going to be there in short order, it was time to get this ship ready for use. Some quick running around and I had all the missing pieces and a new stealth bomber that can get to warp in 3.25 seconds. I also made myself a run of bombs and stuffed 4 of them in the bomber (2 up the snout and 2 in the hold).

Tonight's plan:
Main: centralize the last 6 ships using a single Orca trip. Then prepare for the first orca trip into the new home and prepare load outs for the rest of the POS.
Alt: Meanwhile the alt will continue scanning for a new home. Possibly a quick trip to k space to get an entrance for my main so he can get to the class 4 I'm currently in as it's static is rather useful for my current objectives of scouting out as many class 5's as I can to get a good system.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

0.0 thoughts

Well the "fun" has started. Operations to pick off freighter convoys. Titans in low sec. The law of intended consequences. Noobs whining about the costs of getting into 0.0.

I am dissapointed how people are trying to twist the current Dominion dominoes into "you promissed us and you didn't deliver". There is also the fact that this is "iteration 1" on the new sov mechanics that people are loosing sight of. Lets look at some generic cases shall we?

1) Freighters in 0.0. One of the consequences of the new sov design is that although a small hauler can establish sovereingty in a system, to actually USE that system will take a freighter to get the stuff out there to establish the hub and put up the good upgrades that will permit the population density to increase.

Wouldn't you know it, large alliances have already lost a considerable number of freighters to enemy operations. The amusing thing is that before jump freighters, they and their logistical wings used to be good at this kind of operation. But since the advent of the jump freighters, these old skills have been slipping. Someone will need to give a refresher course on how to do this stuff.

On the other end of the scale we've got noobs in the forums going "but this will stop small corporations from going to 0.0"... um... sorry but last time I checked, no one is stopping you from getting a freighter and moving stuff down. Well ok, those gate camps are a wee bit of a problem, but everyone has that problem so you're just going to have to suck it up like everyone else. Besides if you're under the impression that there's a section of 0.0 that won't be under SOMEONE's influence, you're deluding yourself. What CCP has done was increase the possibility of population density in 0.0 from an income point of view. They did not remove the moon mining from alliance hands, they just switched where the isk was coming from around a bit. In fact with the speculation going on, they've effectively given alliances moon income about a 40% boost in the short term. This should help with the switch over to the new sov system.

Besides a corp/alliance that is un-able to atract and establish a proper heavy lift wing has no business being in 0.0. If you can't even get an upgrade hub out there, how do you expect to be able to survive out there in the first place? It's a gut check. Pass it or don't bother with 0.0.

2) Titans in low sec. Station hugging carriers have just discovered that the new titan weapon is able to insta-pop them. Booo hooo. It's a directed fire weapon. Wakey wakey.

Unintended consequence, I'm sure but I really don't think this is an issue. The two reasons I'm going to give are a) does away with station games, and b) the Titan can be tackled quite easily afterward. Station hugging is the lamest form of warfare in EVE, anything that punishes it is good. Personally I can't wait for some anti-station game matari BS squadrons to form and start having fun. The Alpha Pest and Alpha Maelstrom are back in a big way. Small squadrons of these should be able to insta-pop most BS which will do wonders for the anti-station game side of things.

What other (un)intended consequences will show up over the next week I wonder...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alts, T2, Exploration, and the small things

So much for Dominion being a "so-so" patch since it was mainly focused on sovereignty mechanics. So I started last night on my research alts. The immediate dive was into the spreadsheet to check out the changed BPs. I took the opportunity to update my T2 manufacturing spreadsheets. Going to have to split the Invention from the Manufacture at some point and make it more akin to the way I have my T3 stuff setup. But not last night - too much to do.

The only real change in T2 components: all 4 armor plate components now take 1/3 less Syl. The rest stayed essentially unchanged. I also completed my set of T2 component BPOs recently and am grinding up thru the ME and PE on them until they all reach 10/20. Should be done in about a week.

Stuff I noticed: In your personal assets you can "show contents" on cans in remote locations... However they did not extend this to corp assets.... :[

Then it was onto the main to check out the tech 2 BPCs and adjust their manufacturing info in my spreadsheet. Woah, ok, those are some radical changes allround. I will admit to getting instantly distracted by the in game browser (bookmark Google, my blog, the wiki and the forum. Booooo can't upload pictures to the blog but can post). Mess around with the jutebox (quickly throw together a playlist in Winamp, then go set it up. The cut-thru on yourself or other people talking can knock out the jutebox so it's evident that it's not quite ready for prime time, but it works relatively well. People need to adjust their volume properly for it though.

And I drag myself back to the T2 BPCs... Start plugging in the numbers and man oh man if the T2 materials prices had stayed at their previous levels of about 2 months ago things would be cheap as hell. I then log onto my Jita alt. Plug in the current speculated numbers (they are going to go like a yo yo for the next month or two). Wow did manufacturing costs shoot up. I suspect that anyone who did not pick up a ship in Jita yesterday is going to be kicking themselves. Re-listers have already snagged the now dead cheap (compared to manufacturing costs) popular T2 ships and re-listed them at more inflated prices. The interesting thing is that this has no impact on T3 costs at all. This could end up being a short term boost to T3 manufacturing as the T2 ships go up 30-40% in the short term. They may eventually come down but until things stabilize they will probably remain high due to speculation.

Control-tab no longer works to get rid of the interface, use alt-F9.

I also slipped in some short term ship handling and medium weapons skills in order to be able to fit and fly all faction T1 cruisers. All I'm missing is Caldari cruisers at the moment. Just need Caldari frigates to 4 and that'll be done as well. Still working on getting the gas harvesting to 5 so that those core gas sites in my future will be doable in a relatively reasonable time.

Then it was on the scanning alt for most of the rest of the evening. Starting off in the un-inhabited class 4 system I logged off in, I was able to confirm that it had a single static heading to class 6 systems. Then I went into the fresh class 6. It was uninhabited and not too bad (12 sigs). So I ground down that one and got 11 of 12 sigs id'ed before the probes ran out (sent em back to the frigate with 1 min 30 seconds of flight time left. Checking out the two wormholes that showed up I simply jumped into the fresh class 5 and after determining it was empty, I simply logged in the system. It was getting late, I'll continue the scanning tomorrow.

Still I'm liking this patch as it's the small things that are so nice: Going to Jita and not seeing a single isk spammer the entire time I was there. I'm assuming that new "report Isk spammer" was seeing liberal use. Lord knows there should have been ample opportunity to use it justifiably on any normal day. And as GM Spiral said in THIS thread:

As a side note, this does make our job quite a lot easier.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Woah - Planets

Obligatory Post from EVE

And of course, now that it's possible, the obligatory post from withing the EVE client. You should be seeing quite a few of these as the new in game browser is basically google's Chrome. Verry snazzy.

More posting after I check out the T2 manufacturing changes and make some dinner...