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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stuff to do while mining

Last night consisted of getting on. Checking the manufacturing lines and heading out to do some mining. I'm going to add Cyclones to the list of things I sell out of my high sec store. They also use medium modules so the'll be a good complement to the cruisers I currently sell.

After looking at the T2 skill sets and checking what would be necessary to manufacture Stilettos from A to Z and afterburners and the other Minmatar ammo, I've decided to get Molecular Engineering and High Energy Physics as my next two science skills to 4. This will unlock Afterburner and Hail then Quake Invention and Manufacture. This will complete the T2 Projectile ammo. Then Mechanical Engineering will be next to unlock some of the Autocannon Invention (need to check if it unlocks all of them). As you can see I'm slowly adding the skills necessary to manufacture the components that go into ships at the same time. I want to get to the point where the only skill I need to learn to manufacture all T2 components and the Stiletto itself is the Minmatar Starship Engineering. Once I get that unlocked getting into the modules and ammo of the other factions will be quick since most of the science skills will already have been acquired.

As I slowly add these skills it will allow me to slowly get copies of the relevant BPOs made. The necessary components BPOs will also need to be acquired. Lucky they are relatively in-expensive. Getting them researched without a tower will however be tedious. As I get these I'll be running some invention jobs and mostly saving the resulting BPCs in my BPC collection. The objective of course is to be able to do some A to Z manufacturing of T2 ships and modules and ammo. I doubt I will immediately jump into the T2 manufacturing for profit game.

If you get the impression that mining gives a lot of time to investigate and plan this stuff out, you'd be right. What? you thought miners only stared at rocks the entire time? The truth is that with high sec profit margins being as thin as they are, most industrialists need to plan out their manufacturing and sales quite careful. Rushing into a market without research is a good way to get your ass handed to you in economic PvP. But just sitting in a station is not horribly productive. So figuring this stuff out while mining is a good way to pass the time.

On a more Pew Pew side of things I think it's time to unlock the interceptors and also get the electronic attack ships up to snuff (level 4). Once I do that I'll be able to fly all the Minmatar T2 frigates and it will be time to get the BS skills up to snuff. So the plan atm is to 1) finish getting Retail 5 and get into wholesale one or two. Get Molecular Engineering to 4 (unlocking AB and Hail and maybe some other stuff on the T2 side). Get Minmatar BS 4 and all relevant T1 combat skills to 4 (Large Projectile, Cruise Missiles, The BS rocket equivalent which escapes me atm, Heavy combat drones, Sentry drones). I may intersperse the BS weaponry with some more science skills to 4. We'll see.


Bahamut said...

Sounds good. I wonder if it may be a better investment to make Hurricanes. I see many more of those around than Cyclones.

Letrange said...

Yep but I dont' have a hurricane BPO yet. The cyclones do sell though so it's not an issue. Ideally I'd sell both. But first: get ownership of Typhoon BPO THEN get Hurricane BPO (and it'll need research).

Kirith Kodachi said...

Sounds like you're on the ball :)

Anonymous said...

Cyclones also open the door to Sleipnir and Claymore invention. Looking good, Letrange. I'm reading your manufacturing stories with interest because I'm toying with the idea of a manufacturing alt of my own to provide Wensley with all the toys he needs.

Letrange said...

T1 manufacture is easy to get into the key skill is Production Efficiency 5 everything else is just icing on the cake skill wise.
After that it's simply a question of how big a BPO collection do you want and getting it researched.
T2 on the other hand as you can see is quite skill intensive.
And yes I realize that most other would consider it mad to be able to both PvP and manufacture anything I can PvP. They would say use dedicated alts for it. Did I mention that I can see that it will take me years to get where I want to go? One nice thing about being a true jack of all trades - no lack of objectives to shoot for.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Torpedos and Siege Launchers. That's what you were looking for in that last paragraph :)

ASP said...

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