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Thursday, December 11, 2008

And the refit is done

Last night, due to the shoveling in the morning, I got home, started EVE and adjusted some sell orders and manufacturing. Then took a quick break to lie down and basically passed out... Sometime later in the night, my sleep schedule now totally FUBAR'ed, I decided to look into refitting my missioner Cyclone.

After playing around with EFT for a while I've discovered the following: The cyclone is a wee bit short on CPU for a full T2 fit. Which is fair enough as it's a T1 ship. This left me with some decisions to make regarding the fit. So I had to approach the fit logically. This is a mission fit Cyclone. The active tank is actually and advantage for a mission boat in that so long as the rate of incoming damage does not exceed a certain level you can just keep pounding away at the rats. This means that the tank is the most important part of the fit.

Take note that this particular fit is a perma-tank. Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard I's are a wonderful thing. The fit is barely cap stable with 1 Invulnerability and 1 active hardener but it is cap stable (with the AB off). Two active hardeners are not a problem of course (Invulnerability modules drain more cap). The AB is for tactical movement to pull away from high damage situations and is not normally operating so that's not ususally a consideration for cap stability in an PvE situation.

So, a reduction in gun size from the T1 fit is called for. I did some checking and this should allow most of the modules to go T2 when I get the skills for the modules that aren't currently T2. T2 HML are going to be the sticking point I think.

I also did a quick check of the Sleipnir and yep it has no problem with the same generic setup (720's(6), HML(2), cap stable when AB off and defenses including booster all turned on) with all modules T2 so it will be fine when I get one one day.

We'll see over the weekend whether the new layout with the 650 T2's works out well in practice. Incidentaly I checked. I can't sacrifice a power module for a CPU without loosing cap stability. I could possibly loose the Gyro - I'll have to think about that - which is better 650's with a Gyro or 720's without but more range.

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