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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ruptures like hotcakes

Weird, ruptures have been flying off the racks lately. It's all good mind you. The nice thing about a store setup is that once it's established you are building stuff that sells. Managed to find a medium hidden Omber belt. Wiped it out, worth 14.6mil in minerals or so.

I did a double check on the science skills I'll be needing both for invention and for manufacture of what I first want to be able to invent/manufacture. Looks like I'm only missing 2 science skills but 11 of them need to reach level 4. That might take a bit o'time. So not so bad. I really do need to do an inventory of modules that the minmatar can research even if it's not something I'll need right away.

I currently have 5 ships in research (high sec slots - yeck). I'm thinking that when 2 of them finish up this weekend, it'll be time to start making copies of modules and ammo and ships for the future invention runs.

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Bahamut said...

The U'K will may buy your Ruptures in bulk if you give us a bulk discount.