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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We bit of plex running

My decision being made to move to a month or so of mostly high sec isk making, the only question remaining is when I would be leaving FW. The answer to that is simple: when I get to 6.7 standing with the TLF. The reason is fairly self evident: it will allow for perfect refines at militia stations. This will be useful in Matari low sec.

This means I was running plexes like mad getting my standing up. I am now realy close to getting 6.7 so one or two more evenings should be all I need to get the standing setting I have set myself. Once that is done I will be leaving the FW and donating my un-insurred remaining ships to the FW corp I am currently a member of. At that point I will probably be re-locating my low sec forces to some quiet low sec corner.

Most of my time will be spent up in high sec mining and running missions though. The low sec stuff is more of a "need a break from high sec" force.

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