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Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it December Banter time already?

Once again it's banter time. This month’s EVE Blog Banter idea comes to us by Roc Wieler of Roc’s Ramblings.
Write a story about a fellow EVE Blogger, or an EVE player whom has inspired you or affected you in some tangible way. After your story, describe why you chose them, and any Holiday wish you have specifically for them.
Gah! that's a nasty one. The stories accumulate in almost 2 years of playing. There was the pilot who ganked my hauler in low sec that almost caused me to rage quit when I was a newbie. Thereby teaching me a valuable lesson in EvE. Cerui Tarshiel one of the great EVE diplos and all round solid pilot (with the occasional lapse into debatable decision making - like getting out of his Hawk to go check a POS out in low sec - not one of his more brilliant moves). Sue AGPlant who one day when getting on vent uttered the memorable words "Um... How did these 10 corpses get in my hangar?". To which the reply was "We don't know but the last time we saw you you were charging a low sec gate camp solo". Drunken scotts, great fun to fly with (if slightly hard to understand). From the highs (successfuly completing two alliance wide projects with solid profits for all shareholders) to the lows (Having to mothball the alliance due to a lack of PvP pilots - and closing down the ongoing project - still with a small profit for those involved).

What to choose, what to choose. I know. The EVE pilot who most affected my path thru EVE. Quebnaric Deile.

I was flying thru Anmatar space, near Maspah, trying to figure out which Matari systems would be best to move my corp tower to. The alliance had moved to the Berta area in preparations for a move into 0.0 space in Curse. But as the CEO of a research corp I would be responsible for maintaining a research tower in high sec for the alliance to allow the alliance to research BPOs. So the things I was considering were: where to place the tower such that it was safe in high sec, relatively close to the main pipe we'd be using to get to our objective systems and where nearby ice systems were to source fuel.

Then a call came over coms from the alliance leader that a small CEO meeting was to be held. So I docked up in station and wandered over to the meeting room. Inside I found my Alliance leader and FABUL CEO Quebnaric Deile and DAFT's CEO sue AGPlant. sue says "welcome to the hot seat" and I knew immediatly something was up. And then Q pipes up "Ok, I'll make this short. FABUL will be leaving the alliance to form a 0.0 PVP only alliance with a corp from UFA". With that stunning bombshell out of the way he proceeded to lay it out to us. "sue and Letrange, you are the only two CEOs out of the rest of the alliance I feel have a chance of keeping the alliance alive after we leave so it's up to you two".

Still reeling from this news I was fighting for time to be able to digest the idea. "So. What brought all this on?" I ask. "Basically the lack of reaction on the part of the more industrial corps when the call came to move to our new locations has me pissed off and I've decided that a pure PvP alliance is more what FABUL should be part of". I had been suspicious that something like this was bound to happen eventually. "There is also the fact that the original charter of the alliance as setup by Apoge was to be a mixed alliance of PvP and Industrial corp with aspirations to be a space holding alliance in 0.0. This means that I can't justify simply booting all the industrial corps out of the alliance. So, FABUL is leaving. The only question left is who will take over the alliance once we leave." My first though on this one was followed by .

"Could you give me a bit of time to think this over?" I ask. "Sure". So I wander off to think about the situation. While I am weighing the pros and cons and working up the nerve to lay this on sue AGPlant's lap. He gets in touch with me to let me know that DAFT will be following FABUL into the new PvP alliance. I figure this will eventualy lead to the scintering of DAFT as they are a mixed PvP/Industry corp. Turns out I was right. Devorik is now the CEO of DAFT and has the Industry remnants of the old corp. FABUL, the PvP pilots of DAFT, Teister's UFA corp were eventualy merged into the Clown Punchers and form the core of the BOZO alliance still hunting arround Curse. And my blog kinda details the post FABUL history of AMC.

But in the end this is how I ended up as the leader of an alliance at the tender age of about 8mil SP. In the end I concluded that this is probably what saved me from the "six month blahs". I think a year and 3 months on that I should have had my head examined. Although the alliance is currently in hybernation, my current plans remain unchanged.

As for what I wish for Q his holiday season? Lots of targets. Its what he wants. Possibly with a large dose of POS warfare since that's what he fears. Hehehehehe.


Bahamut said...

Good luck. You'll need it.

That said, have faith in yourself. I have confidence in you.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Ah, Q! Curse wouldn't be the same without him :)