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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Invention and T2 manufacture

I am now a T2 inventor and manufacturer. Woot! Made some mistakes getting the first jobs done but remember I'm just learning this stuff.

The first mistake was using 1 run Ammo BPCs. My success ratio was 5 jobs = 5 BPC so rather pleased with that but with the cost of the BPC itself was rather large for just one run. Running the numbers it looks like the standard price is right arround an ME-4 cost without counting the cost of inventing the BPC. Which would make sense for those people with the actual BPOs being in the market. So moral of the story? Use max run BPCs at all times for module and ammo so that you spread the cost of invention across the runs.

Then again I'm not doing this at this point to compete in the market place I'm doing this to insure my independence from the market so that if something has a "popular" premium, I'm in a position to manufacture my own. Or if I'm in an area without the item on the market I can also manufacture my own. As my skills increase and I start collecting the T2 component BPOs and getting them researched then I'll probably get into the T2 market.

Having dug into the requirements of T2 Frigates end to end manufacture (All modules and ammo included) T2 Invention and Manufacturing is fairly skill intensive. But once you've started it can be tackled one skill at a time. The biggest problem I can see will be getting into the ships as they seem to take quite a bit of skill to invent (for example if I want to be able to build the Wolf class frigates I'll need to get Frigate Construction 5)

I'm still hopefull one day that we'll be able to manufacture named components. And also sized rigs. The later will be especialy good as currently it's way to expensive to make rigs for frigates but if we had sized rigs then it would definitly be worth while to make rigs for frigates.

Either way I'm well on my way to my "If I can fly it I can build it" long term objective.


Karox Lominax said...

Welcome to the T2 club. Im in the same boat as you... too skill intensive to make T2 ships (really need a dedicated manufacturing character for that, its just the same as skilling up to Tech 2 battleships for one race with the construction skills and support skills needed) but I've got mid range skills to be able to make modules and the like, but lack the appropriate science skills to do every module, again, it's really skill intensive to be doing that.

Letrange said...

yep but the good thing is you can add a science skill at a time.

Bahamut said...

I wish you much wealth and success.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Totally awesome man! Maybe when I get back I can by a stack of interceptors of of you :))

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Yay! Thanks for the tips yesterday.

When you got a Nighthawk ready to be sold, message me in March!