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Sunday, December 21, 2008

More T2 stuff

Been doing quite a bit of mining lately. Trying to catch up to my burn rate. This is actually good. It means my store is working fine and what I mine will quickly get turned into goods to be sold. After mining enough goods to make another battlecruiser, I took a closer look at my skill and research plans as X-mass approaches.

As you all know from previous entries, I'm waiting on some BPCs to come out of the copy slots so I can do some Tremor S and Barrage S invention runs. This time with max run copies. We'll see if this dilutes the cost of the manufacturing side to something reasonable.

While I'm waiting for the empire slots to finish their jobs I'm slowly planning out the next steps. In this case it's a matter of getting the skill for Hail S invention and it turns out that skill, with my already acquired science skill will also unlock Afterburner and Microwarp Drive invention. I also stated that the science skill after that would be High Energy Physics, which I need to put in my head.

So I then look into the manufacture of Afterburners and Microwarp Drives. After all it's pretty useless to be able to invent something but not to be able to build it. It turns out that both Afterburners and Microwarpdrives need the same tech 2 components in their manufacture. Convinient that. They need the Antimatter Reactor Unit (Amarr), the Ion Thruster (Gallente) and the Plasma Thruster (Minmatar). Now manufacturing these components takes a BPO and a Science skills to level III each. So after a few missions I head on out to acquire these 3 BPOs (long trip to Amarr space for the Antimatter). Looking at the BPOs it turns out that I'll also need High Energy Physics III and Plasma Physics III to manufacture these. Now this isn't so bad I've already got Plasma Physics II so it's just a matter of getting the High Energy Physics and getting it to III at some point before I'm ready to manufacture 1MN Afterburner II or 1MN Microwarpdrive II. So I also pick up the High Energy Physics along the way from someone who was selling it for less than the NPC price.

Between now and the trip to Toronto for x-mass I should be able to get Retail V down to 2 days, all 3 science skills I'm working on to III (I'll still have to get Molecular Engineering to IV). I should also have the chance to put in some more copy jobs for max run copies. This will allow me to head off to Toronto for a few days with my nephews and niece while Molecular Engineering is IV is ticking down. When I get back, I'll just have to polish off Retail V and Molecular Engineering IV between x-mass and new years and pick up Wholesale I and II Then it should be a while before I need High Energy Physics IV as I need to put some research time in on the 3 BPOs I just picked up to help reduce the cost of the individual components. This means it will be a while before I need High Energy Physics IV which I want for Quake S invention. Which will give me the time to work on my BS skills as of the start of the new year.

At the moment I'm trying to arange 5 invention runs of a new module/ammo I'm trying out at a time while making enough copies for 5 more runs. I'll need to see what datacores I'll be needing but I suspect that as the number of modules I can handle increases, I'll seriously need to consider gettting Research V and the skill to run multiple research agents to be able to keep the supply of datacores coming. This is because my datacore reserves were probably fine for occasional invention but as I get more seriously into T2 I can see the day when they will be a bottleneck. My standings however are sufficient to run level 4 agents. This should work fine for keeping me in datacores.

Ah well on with the missioning today in hopes of finding a mission with decent roids.

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