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Monday, December 22, 2008

The EVE Notepad and spreadsheet use

One thing I'm sure you've all been wondering is "how do you keep track of all this information"? Well one of the things I do is make use of the in game notepad. You must realize that unlike the Windows Notepad, this one can actually make use of hyperlinks. Yep that's right you can easily embedd the link to a URL or to an EVE info page. Here is an example:


You will note that I've been flipping back and forth between invention and manufacture to figure out what the necessary skills are for both invention and manufacture. Using the links setup in the notepad, I'm able to quickly get to the right info page to look something up regarding my plans.

The other tool we don't have yet however is an in game spreadsheet. In a way it's too bad, but then again spreadsheets are rather involved pieces of software and using a full powered one makes more sense.

You PvP'ers may want to avert your eyes

See the thing is as industrialists we need to figure what price the stuff we make should be sold at to make us isk. Or to analyze whether it would be good to get into a specific market. The manufacturing system is complicated enough that it can get quite tricky to figure out so a spreadsheet is called for. I give you a screenshot above of the T1 manufacturing section of my costing spreadsheet. This allows me to simply put in market valuations on minerals (that's actually a reference to my minerals page since I like to average the value of existing stocks with any purchases I make). Then it goes and calcualtes manufacturing costs for specific runs of the time and it pops out a minimum sales values for any goods I can make. I tend to operate on the "10% above cost is the MINIMUM I will put stuff on the market".

The T2 stuff is much more complicated. An interesting part not shown is off to the right, where I can pop in the number of any particular item I want to cost out an entire ship or run of ships. This is how, when I build my Slashers for suicide frigate gangs in FW I calculated that the value of my fit was 120k per Slasher if everything was priced at about 10% profit over manufacturing costs.


Diametrix said...

'Timmy' says...that's so cool!
Letrange, another poster on your blog recently said how great your industrial input was...and I must concur. You write great stuff! Thanks.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I've seen this spreadsheet in person; "daunting" would be an understatement for it !!!

Excuse me while i go tackle something :))

Leumas said...

I have to chime in on the awesomeness of the industrial themed posts. The economic side of EVE fascinates me and keeps me coming back and your posts are both interesting and educational.

Anonymous said...

"You PvP'ers may want to avert your eyes"