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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thouths on the latest drama

Ok, so people are going crazy over the latest exploit. My only comment here is that the only reason that they are going crazy is that the exploit was described in detail on a 3rd party site and has been in existence for 4 years.

  1. Chill people. The PvP whiners have no cause to bitch about this one (mainly since it's their bitching that allows things like this to slip thru).
  2. In a system as complex as EVE things will slip thru. Depending on the way the bug report is worded something else may have been addressed, without the original (and any subsequent) bug reports we'll never know.
  3. Not all but most of the developers are more worried about PvP. So it's understandable if the PvP centric developers and bug hunters let stuff like this get thru - "it's industry, who cares, where's the pew pew".
  4. The industry and corporate management level of EVE is some of the most bug ridden arround. Hell it's realy easy to accidentaly create too many shares for a corp but have them reported wrong. Still.
  5. Probably due to the concentration on "PvP stuff affects the most people". Well no actualy industry does, since everyone is affected by the market and the guys who sit inside a station and trade all evening long arent' particularely affected by PvP.
  6. From the looks of it the team in charge of industry is actualy quite a small portion of the CCP work force, and does not get a lot of resources to address industry issues so it's not surprising that stuff like this can slip thru (heck take a look how the supposed industry update got sidetracked into a performance update).
  7. Maybee we'll get lucky and this will cause CCP to allocate some resources to continue to clean up the industry side of the game. There's still plenty of irritants and bugs (and probably as yet undiscovered exploits) left on the industry side (Veldspar cap anyone?).
Look, the biggest driving force behind new development at CCP has always been the Pew Pew side of things. Industry is there to provide the tools and be sitting ducks for the most part. It's hardly surprising that stuff like this slips thru nor that it's not caught for 4 years. The industry side of the EVE player base has learned to live with the situation because the industry and market are WAY more interesting than any other MMO out there. As I've pointed out before. At the end of the day, the offending parties have been banned. That's all we ask.

Who cares which alliances were involved - that's highly un-important, since it directly affected a minority of pilots. Those involved would have been part of the 13% of pilots that operate in 0.0. The most affected by this issue are the moon mining alliances in 0.0 (dont' kid yourselves, most of the low sec moons with actual value are owned by 0.0 alliances anyways - remember when the Black Rise area came out and the russians were on a moon claiming rampage?) also a minority. The indirect effects of an over-supply of T2 ships and modules in the game simply mean that T2 has been cheaper than it should have been which is probably a bonus for all those of us in low sec and high sec who want to use T2 stuff.

What's important is will CCP allocate a few more resources to address the industry issues?


Jaggins said...

Great insight. Hopefully this will prompt additional attention to industry. As a newb, I also had a hard time seeing how this significantly impacted high sec experience beyond making things cheaper.

Anonymous said...

It profoundly effects High-sec.

When stuff is cheaper, (especially if you also are benefiting directly from the 'sploit) suicide ganking is more prolific.

Wars are easier to afford.

Everything is entirely off-kilt, and those are just the first two things that pop into my head when high-sec is considered, I'm sure people with more time than me could hash out many more effects specific to high sec.

That said, I do think the Eve community loves their drama-bombs a little much...

Jaggins said...

I am sure it has hit high sec in many ways that were not evident to me. As for the forum drama thing, the one thing I did find funny was the term "Threadnaught" for a long rant-fest!

John Holt said...

Kudos! A calm, well thought out post.

Anonymous said...

Letrange much as I think your post is spot on in parts there are others I disagree with. 1) your characterization of the devs is too narrow IMO. They look at Many aspects to the game Art, Storylines, Mechanics, PvP, PvE, Industry...yes warfare plays it role as pivotal driver but they would have to be flaming morons to ignore industry! THAT is where the money is and this is one thing that CCP tries to stay on top of. The factthat a bug got problem the fact that is cost Trillions of in game ISK ( which could also have been sold) and that perhaps the bug was 4 years old is a HUGE oversight. I wish to know who the culprits(the ones breaking the rules not the unsuspecting staff) are so that I can in my own EVE way shun them.

Anonymous said...

Great post mate!!

Yes, people need to remain calm. It will sort itself out, we just need to remain patient.

Bahamut said...

A re-allocation of CCP staff may be in order.

Good post. People whining about this are just forum trolls with nothing better to do.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks for making sense of all of this, for someone like me who has been out of the loop for a few weeks now. Puts things in perspective.