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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A combat plex

I did not have enormous amounts of time last night. But I did have time to find a combat exploration complex. It was the one with the drug farm in it: Angel Watch. Not a lot of stuff for the time spent doing it, but then again I kinda like these types of plexes. Fun was had and that's all that counts.

I am however dis-satisfied with the performance of the 720's Mainly the fact that I only have 4 Tech 2's and 1 named in the ship. Mainly for grid reasons. Since I'll eventually need to upgrade the missile launchers as well one day I think I'm going to try the 650's instead and see how that works out. The tank is still excellent but I do need to address the drone changes (need more light drones in the mix) and work on my shield support skills.

Only one day to go till I've got 4/4/4 for the first set of invention I'll be doing. So things are progressing on that front. After that it'll be adding an extra science skill or encryption skill at a time to expand what I'm able to invent. And manufacture. I'll need to acquire the component BPOs as well. But they are relatively cheap and it will depend on what BPOs I unlock as my skill set for invention grows.

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Bahamut said...

I think trying the 650s will be a good idea.