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Friday, December 5, 2008

Of ship movements and plans

I decided to move my low sec operation from it's place in Amarr low sec to another place in Matari low sec. The main consideration was that I find a base that I had perfect refines at that was in or near a 0.1 or 0.2 sec status system. I found one and started moving ships.

That took most of a day to move about half the ships. Most of the pure combat ones were still at the old location, but all the utility ships and two combat ships did get moved. Since I'll be operating alone for a month I know I'll be at a disadvantage, so once again I'll be operating mostly T1 incurred stuff down there and paying attention to local. I did however find out that Blarpies (blaster armed Harpies) are back in a big way. I was taking a break doing some light ratting in my arty Rupture, when I got pounced by a 0.7 sec status pilot. Since this is a new area for me, it'll take me a while to find out which pilots that aren't -5 or lower are actually pirates and will attack. But the ship was fully insured and I knew the risks it really didn't affect me all that much. This particular ship had been used to run medium FW plexes quite a bit so the amount of isk it made me in the long run before it's untimely loss means paid for the net isk loss many times over. I was also able to loot the wreck as the pirate didn't bother with the T1 loot, again reducing the net loss. The 5 T2 drones that the guy did hurt a bit - but then again they did come from loot on kills I did and not the market.

The fight was rather one sided - a mostly because I got pounced close up before I could warp away. An arty boat is always at a disadvantage against something up really close. No scram or web to slow down the Harpy and it killed me faster than my light drones and light missiles could get thru it's shields. No big surprises came out of this fight except that he was really well tanked.

I then decided rather than continue to move ships arround it was time to go to high sec and start mining and getting my industrial stuff underway. I'm going to have to build up the mineral bank over the next few days, then come up with a list of ships and modules I want to sell and start manufacturing to the plan. I'm thinking it's time to move into the cruiser sized ships on a more consistent basis. We'll see how it works out. I'll be using my "storefront" method.

May I state: "wow, look at all those empty belts". I've seen high sec in a picked over state before but that is ridiculous. I suspect that these high Tritanium prices we've been seeing will continue to remain rather high. I did manage to find a system without a station that still had rocks so I went mining there but wow were things empty. I will probably have to hunt further a field to find a good spot to mine away on a regular basis. The Orca is proving to be mighty popular and I suspect a gigantic drain on the mineral density of high sec. More so than dreads and BS for 0.0 wars. Expect things to remain high until the Orca prices drop to around 500mil or so and demand tapers off. People are buying it at around 800mil and paying for it at those prices due to it's capabilities. It must be remembered that from a corp/alliance op point of view a single Orca tends to replace two ships in the previous fleet org. It effectively replaces a BC and a hauler from the previous full sized op organization.

The initial plan: Make around 500mil isk and buy the Typhoon BPO officially from the alliance thereby replenishing the alliance coffers a bit. Then make a good 500mil more and head to 0.0. Initially it'll be a bit boring to listen in on as I'll be running mining ops on a regular basis, till I get the store firing on all cylinders. Then I'll see about level 4 missions as I work on my BS skills. I suspect I'll be working on my combat skills mostly until I actually revive the alliance. ATM I'm in the place holder corp just as a convinient place to put myself. Should I get wardec'ed I'll simply drop to an NPC corp for a bit (It'll be amusing to see if anyone bothers - since it'll cost em 50mil per week). The only real reason to be in the corp is to push it's standings up to my current levels. This will be rather convinient as my current standings would allow the corp to setup towers down the road in 0.3-0.7 systems in both Gallente and Minmatar space. Very convenient.

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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

On the lack of roids I was gonna suggest Derelik yet again but then I remembered that your Ammatar standing must be quite a laugh these days.

About Blarpies. I got caught by one of those when we did our move about a month ago. I was about to scout for a more expensive ship in my Jihad Stabber so I was waiting on the Hemin gate when this joker jumped on me and agressed immediately (clearly the 1 red in local was a cov ops). But even as I had a point and web on him he was eating me up faster than I could scratch his shields, and when his buddies jumped in a few minutes later I was toast. And people wonder why I always want to fly frigs now...

So good luck with the standing/missioning thing. You have A LOT more patience for this than I do.