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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not much

As the preparations for xmas proceed apace and my car has a sudden need for maintenance (punctured exhaust pipe before the muffler - gives a nice throaty growl but probably a ticket magnet). I'm finding I can't put in as much time as say just last week.

Over the weekend I had a great mission belt mining session (anyone you end up with over 8mil trit in a single solo op is pretty decent)

I did find the time to start 5 more Tremor S invention runs - this time with max run bpcs. If what I'm told should happen - namely that I'll get 100 run copies - this should drop the invention costs per round from over 200 isk per round down to arround2-5 isk per round. Which when slapped on top of the manufacturing costs will make them more expensive than the market but not outrageously so. Depending on how many BPCs I end up with this shouls last me a good chunk of forever. The BPCs will probably go into storage and only come out if there seems to be a run on the market or something.

As with all T2 manufacture - the BPO holders have a serious advantage. They always will. But with attrition over time (as accounts with them leave the game or get banned etc...) and as the population continues to increase the proportion of BPO manufactured goods vs BPC manufactured goods should go down. Then there is always the items for which there are no BPOs - that came out in the game after the lottery stopped. Those should be priced arround manufacture + decent invention costs + sufficient margin.


Kirith Kodachi said...

While the T2 BPO holders have an efficiency advantage, they have trouble producing at the same rate as inventors can from multiple BPCs.

But you are right, the new stuff like the HICs and Black Ops have no BPOs, making inventing them profitable indeed.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

From one frozen Hellhole to another... I hope the 401 will be nice to you :)

Merry Xmas dude, and send my best wishes to the family !!!


Letrange said...

Yep and at 5000 rounds of ammo a run it doesn't take long with multiple manufacturing slots to be floating in ammo. That's one of the reasons I'm making multiple T2 BPCs. See where the market goes and if the low price stuff ever runs out - whip out a quick multiple BPC run and put stuff up. But other wise the BPCs represent potential manufacture instead of necessary manufacture.

But then again as we all know I tend to prefer a strategy of smaller individual quantities but a larger spread of modules in my sales strategy. I also prefer to work off hub.

Merry x-mas to you too. Have fun with the two tornadoes over the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't understand - what would prevent BPO owners to just copy their BPO and do as many runs as any inventor?