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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Burning thru the Mexallon

Oh man did it feel good to make use of my alt for the intended purpose of said alt. Yesterday I managed to do a mining op which melted 2/3 of a belt. I also got going in fleshing out my product line. I've decided to go into cruiser hulls, modules and ammo.

So far I've had initial manufacturing runs of 2 Ruptures, 2 Stabbers, 2 Bellicoses, 2 Scythes, 10 Thrashers, 100 Dual 180mm, 100 220mm Vulcans, 100 425mm, 50 650mm and 50 720mm built. The basic plan is that half of that (except the 650's and 720's) goes right up on the market, the rest goes in a warehouse can. Now I made the Thrashers by habit before really making the decision to concentrate on the cruisers. Those I will probably let sell out and not re-build. The 650's and 720's (in fact all the autocannons) make disproportionate use of Mexallon in their material lists so I went from having a relative oversupply of Mexallon to a distinct shortage. The wharehouse supply for those will wait till I get more Plagioclase mined.

Already I've sold a Rupture a Scythe and a Thrasher and have had to re-list from the warehouse and re-build a Rupture and a Scythe. So the precess is underway. As I've stated earlier I tend to price things at a minimum build cost +10% with the minerals valued at what I could sell them for on the high sec market. Now I've noticed in the past that one of the things that happens is that some people under cut below these levels but even then if you're off hub the stuff that is priced higher will eventualy sell. One of the advantages with the "store" method is that you're always building something because something in your productline is always selling. It does represent a larger mineral sink than more targeted manufacture, but it's able to survive shifts in the marketplace much more easily.

I do admit that I'm putting up my initial quantites based on my frigate sized manufacturing runs. I may need to adjust the quantites down in the future for the modules and slightly up for the ships (maybe like 2 hulls at a time and 20 modules at a time) to get a decent mix. The nice thing about getting a store up is that once it's going, you're only manufacturing stuff that sells since by definition you only manufacture something when the warehouse runs out. Bit of a mineral sink to setup though. And yep this means that a good chunk of the first week back on the carebear side will be spent mining.

Going to take a bit of a break and do some high sec exploration today.

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