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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And a fly apears in the ointment

Crap! Can't research those T2 component BPOs yet. I need Metallurgy V. Oh well I always wanted to get Scrapmetal Processing. Not that these will take a lot of research. The Antimatter Reactor Unit only needs to go to ML 1 and both Thruster Units need to go to ML 2 to be perfect. Not a lot of individual savings but with the extra number of modules necessary due to ML-4 BPCs they add up. I don't know where I'll schedule that though.


Jaggins said...

I absolutely love your Industrial posts, Letrange! You are my secret mentor in EVE right now, as I think I would like to work on industry while I also PVP! How are things working out since you left the militia? It seems like you have been busy with your industrial base lately.

Letrange said...

well the plan is to make enough isk in about a month to buy up a 700mil bpo then get enough reserves to head to 0.0 for some 0.0 pvp experience. But yep if it looks like I'm concentrating on industry it's cuz that's an isk multiplier