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Friday, September 12, 2008

Stabber go bye bye

At the start of the evening I decided to fly one of my Stabbers. Got in a gang pretty quick and in the first fight I ended up being the first primary... Poof goes I. I must admit that getting removed from the fight that quickly was annoying but not much you can do about it. Unfortunately the guy I had been shooting at managed to get out of dodge.

Wending my way back to my ship reserve I hear cries of "does anyone have a probing ship". So instead of getting another insta-poof ship, I go get one of my trusty Probes. These ships are proving much more survivable than my Rifters and what not. But then again they are scout ships, not combat ships. And indeed when I got back the gang sounded much more organized, less multi-FC'ing that was causing me to re-consider that gang at the start. So I spent the rest of the time as flank screen. We finaly got some action in Lamaa. Many kill mails were to be had but unfortunately I was not in on them since I was flank screen. It was an unusual fight in that the amarr had warped to a plex one of the other ships had un-covered (I had only uncovered a small). And were spoiling for a fight. We initialy suspected that they had re-inforcements in the area (hence the flank security). But this turned out to be in-correct. It was as they say "A good shoot".

I am still focusing too closely on my ship and my imediate target when I warp in on a fur-ball, I need to get more situational awareness. I also need to finish off bookmarking observation spots and making sure that the correct way to use them becomes automatic. At least this time I got away in my pod promptly.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Situational awareness is my worst skill. It's kind of ironic, too...because in RL, I created an entire course on that topic for air traffic controllers. You'd THINK I'd be a little better at something I supposedly know so much about.

Earlier today, I lost a Hurricane in a situation where having better situational awareness would probably have let me get out sooner (or smarter yet, not engaged at all--but no guts, no glory). Took my new Stabber out a bit later with some friends, figured it would be swatted down like an annoying gnat in any engagement. With this in mind, I resolved to stay calm and be more methodical no matter what happened. When we finally caught up with a gang that was aggressed to us, I was probably more relaxed than I've ever been in a fight where I felt quite vulnerable. Even got in on at least one kill mail and was never targeted. Now...this outcome may have nothing to do with my situational awareness but I will say that NOT worrying so much about getting killed let me focus more clearly on the task at hand and be more effective in how I used my ship's capabilities.

It was one of those Zen moments for me.

Letrange said...

Yep, I'm getting quite good in the scout role or flank security role, it's actual PvP where I tend to get blipped rather quickly.

I think part of my situational awareness issue is that I keep local open and on the right all the time. Beside the overview. This is great in the scouting role where local is part of the intel stream, but not so good for actual situational awareness in battle.