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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday at the Pub

Bad weekend for getting on EvE. But I did manage to attend Montreal's pilot pub night that we seem to have going. So instead of pics of pretty ships getting blown up you get pics of scary looking pilots:

First up is Havegun Willtravel.

Then there is Suletsap III.

This is Unzer.

Cozmik R5.

Since Carbon Freezer neglected to take a picture of himself, here's Jamie our waitress. Trust me she's better looking than Carbon anyways...

And of course, myself... Yikes look at all the gray, time sure sneaks up on you when you're having fun...

And here is the typical pub action shots as the various pilots recount various adventures we've had from high sec to 0.0. Discuss if Carbon and Cozmik will get together with another pilot and start jamming. (Coz is a drummer, Carbon a cellist taking up electric guitar and Madcoy who's over in another nearby town is a contra-bassist - sounds like the makings of a small EvE band one day).


Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't make it.

I got girlfriend aggro to a movie instead.

Next one!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Pod her! jk ;)

Let, if you can, fix up who's who cuz it looks like your caption are describing the pictures below, and not above as it should.

We also need a better pic of Jamie :))

Carole Pivarnik said...

Always fun to see the real life faces behind the EVE personas! You all *look* so....normal! Amazing.

*Mynxee grins.

Letrange said...

This is where EvE really differs from other MMOs. If we were WoW players, the odds are none of us would be on the same server. With EvE, we can get quite a few Montreal players to appear at the same social function.

It also helps that the average age of EvE players seems to be early 30's (at least according to various polls I've seen). This means that when you pick a pub, it's very rare that EvE players can't make it due to being too young (Also in Quebec the drinking age is 18, so it's even less likely to be a problem).

Letrange said...

@cartboard box

Not a problem, one of the reasons for the low key every 2nd week approach is that if you miss one, there's always the next one.

CrazyKinux said...

Was forced to help out a friend in need and so missed it also. Will make sure to be there next time!