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Thursday, September 18, 2008

And a D/C for the loss

A d/c or D/C in MMO speak is when the internet hiccups and kicks you from your game. Usually at the most inopportune time. Like last night. Just as I jump into a fight I end up disconnecting and having to re-log. When I get back I'm practically the only purple/green in a sea of red war targets. In a destroyer... I manage to get a shot off at an interceptor before he jumps and then I die a quick and horrible death.

That was not a great fight. We need to come up with an answer to the latest Amarr tactics. Its either that or wait till the speed nerf comes in. The Amarr seem to have brought in the standard 0.0 nano gang/RR BS reinforcements and that's all we're seeing. It's gratifying in a back handed way that a bunch of mostly frigates and cruisers caused them to go crying to their 0.0 alliances for pilots. As much as some of the senior pilots keep decrying that the speed changes will also affect the Minmatar side, I beg to differ, most of the Minmatar side is flying frigates and t1 cruisers most of the time. Things just aren't going to get as slow relative to our current speeds as it is for the nano gangs, and last time I looked we're not putting up too many nano gangs to be affected.

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that we need to concentrate our frigate/dessy pilots on plex running while the higher sp pilots deal with the nano/BS gangs. Till the the speed nerf the smaller ships are just not effective against nanos and interceptors untill the speed changes come in.

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