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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


As I got on this evening, my objective was to get some systems fully bookmarked. Fully bookmarked means that every gate has a 300km observation spot, that there are scan safes. A scan safe is a spot from which you can scan a gate. And if possible a deep safe. A deep safe is about 15 AU+ from anything. The gate ones are relatively easy: Warp to 100km, head off in a random direction till you're 300km +/- away from the gate, make sure no one is obviously looking and book mark the place. The scan safes are simple make sure there's enough spots that you can scan all the gates in system from at least 1-14 AU. Some gates may be trickier as they are bunched around a single planet or moon or spot in space. A single point will suffice for them. The deep safes are tricky to get but doable.

I also need to get my low sec remount stations exit safe spotted. This involves exiting, and motoring to about 1000km off the station exit in the direction it usually shoots you. These are used for slow ship evacuations under threat.

I managed to get 3 of the systems done and part of Kamela. Unfortunately some interceptors came out to play in Kamela and I was forced to postpone any book marking to a later date.

I then decided it was time to lay in a reserve of destroyers. This time it was to be proper anti-interceptor fits. I.e. lots o'tracking and some faction ammo. A while back I had gone and acquired some faction ammo using my LP, so I started the manufacture of 3 sets of my standard anti-interceptor fit. Just to keep things interesting, I decided to buy some T2 modules and fit out a T2 version. The tracking turned out soo good, I droped one of the tracking enhancers for a gyrostabilizer.

How these will perform in their duty is of course the big question. I suspect that a properly trained up squadron of anti-interceptor dessies (arround 3-6) is necessary to insta pop interceptors since these are not gank versions but "get hits on fast moving object" versions. But at the very least they should give the interceptor pilots reason to be more circumspect when trying to bait newbie frigate pilots.

I also ran off another run of 10 Rifters after the dessies finished up.


Solemn Phoenix said...

Don't forget titles ;)

on-topic, I need to get this done as well all over the Forge :/

But all journeys start with the first step ;)

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Interceptors... you want 'em, don't you... >:)

You know you could get into one in a couple days, right?

Letrange said...

Yep, but the problem there is I'm sticking to my plan of staying in T1 gear till I know who's good and who's bad in the FCs.

Meanwhile we have interceptors to deal with. Hence the dessies.