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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I start the evening off with 4 Thrashers in my Mastodon's cargo hold and a run of Rifters coming off the production lines. I immediately put the modules back in in order to cook a whole bunch of modules for 10 more Vigils and start hauling stuff to my forward base. An ungodly amount of back and forthing ensues and I am able to do some stuff near the front lines.

With the arrival of a shipment of 10 spanking brand new Rifters, I decide that since no gangs are forming, it's time to work on moving some hulls into the combat area and have re-mounts available much more close to any future action. Also get that insured hull out there back to my main base where I can fly it... As I get arround to doing this, I manage to pick up 4 abandoned drones... Well that's convinient, I had forgotten to build some drones for my Stabbers. Thank you random amarrian pilot.

After getting 4 Rifters placed out in the combat zone, I manage to x up in a small gang. And yep I realize this means I'll probably loose the Rifter I'm in. Good thing it's insured to the hilt. After running arround and deciding that engaging a myrmidon that was backed up by a full gang just one jump over was a bad idea, we continue our patrol and eventually run into an empty system that's got 2 plexes in it (lost an interceptor to the myrm for some unknown reason). The plexes are a Minor and a Major. It's an Amarr system that's under Minmatar occupation. It's contested. I figure it might be worth doing the plexes since we can't find WT. So I immediatley jump into the minor and the rest of the gang (Stabber and Vexor) go for the Major.

Sure enough Elise Randlolf, a known interceptor pilot shows up. As she plays footsy with the two ships in the Major, I manage to finish off the minor and get promoted to Venge Captain. Then I head over to the major and find it empty as Elise had to go repair her Crow. As I get to the button she comes back in system and eventually meets up with us. I proceed to not cover myself with glory by staying a bit too long hoping the NPCs and the other pilots will nail her as she concentrates on me. Unfortunatly it is for naught. I loose the Rifter, they (and the NPCs) almost get her but no go, then Amarrian reinforcements in the form of a Vagabond and other unknowns arrive and it's time to get out of dodge.

Once again I am reminded of the fragility of the frigates in the smaller gangs when flying in war engagnements. On the other hand, without it I would not have been able to get that first plex. So it all balances out. No PvP glory but I did managed to be a thorn in the Amarrian side by pushing the balance towards the minmatar a little bit in that system.

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