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Monday, September 8, 2008


In EvE there are two types of logistics. The first is the in game concept of being the "healer" or "repair ship". The second is the concept of "moving stuff from point A to point B". Since my weekend EvE time was limited due to real life travel, I ended up doing a bit of number two. I've closed down my 2nd forward base. It was inconviniently placed for getting to the action. I will be better served by stashing some re-mounts in various low sec systems.

I've decided that since I'm in frigates most of the time, it's time to start bookmarking observation spots in the most active systems. Also I need to start flying my cloaky probes more often once I nail these spots down. Realizing that I'll need to replace these on a regular basis, and I need to get these bookmarked without taking 3 weeks to do it, I'll probably be bopping around in my Slashers quite a bit over the next few days. It's much easier to nail get to far spots in something that can perma mwd. I also need to nail scan points. Scan points differ from observation points in that they are intentionally off grid but withing 14.0 AU of what you want to scan. Part and parcel of learning to PvP is increasing my use of the scanner and associated techniques in order to give good intel to any gangs I'll be flying with.

Speaking of logistics, the reason I wasn't on much over the weekend was that I went down to Maine from Montreal to visit some fellow capsulers. I'd like to thank Teena Wyldfyre and Luna Wyldfyre for their hospitality. It's nice to be able to meet up with fellow pod pilots. Much "oh but all you need to do is this to do that" type of conversations. Much EvE talk was had. Hopefully some time in the future I'll be able to return the favor and invite Teena up here to Montreal and he can meet some more of the pod pilots that are in this city.

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