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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The sinews of war

You'll all have noticed by now that I haven't done a lot of mining since I started FW. This is mainly because, although I have one of the highest loss rates in the militia, I'm flying pure mainly T1 fit T1 ships. I did, however, help out a few other FW pilots with some larger hulls at one point (2 cyclones and a bunch of other stuff). This combined with my own production (and the increase in cruiser hulls) means that my mineral bank was bottoming out and I decided it was time for a small mining op.

I ended up melting most of a belt in 4h. Not great, but then again with the picked over high sec belts, about as good as it gets. I ended up with over 4mil trit from that op. This, combined with my existing reserves, represents enough minerals for about 8 Ruptures or 16 Scythes or proportionaly greater smaller ships. Basicaly This works out to 6h mining in high sec = enough lows for a Tier 1 BS. Not bad. Since I'm sticking to the small, disposable and self manufactured, it means I should be able to go about another 3 weeks before I need to mine again.

The corp I joined seems to have a 25% tax mission day. Not an issue except that since I'm still not flying BS I realy can't contribute as much flying missions as my SP would indicate that I should. I'll be donating fully fit T1 frigates for use in frigate fleets instead. The rest of the week and into the weekend I'll be on patrol and in the war zone.

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