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Monday, September 1, 2008

Some more action

Once I got up I did some moving of assets. All of the Rifters and the remaining vigil from forward base#2 have been moved to forward base#1. I am considering closing down forward base #2 as I just don't see myself using it much with the action I'm getting from forward base #1. I also took the opportunity to get some hulls to a fellow pilot who was short. So some Thrashers and a pair of Cyclones got delivered.

Later on, while I was finishing off some of the logistics moves involved in all of this I missed out on a frigate gang trip to Amarr. Ah well. I did get in on the subsequent frigate gang. That was in my Slasher "Zip". We managed to kill a Rifter and an Iskur so that was good. I lost my first Slasher of the evening to the Iskur fight. After getting a Remount, I headed out again and this time we went after a freighter. So the Zang was lost to a gate gun (we thought some others managed to get gate agro but nope a bunch of us got nailed. Frigates dont' last long to gate guns.

After this some discussions with involved parties I found out that someone got seriously gipped when they got a whole bunch of slashers for cheap ass frigate runs like this. After some discussion I'll be rounding out the module and ammo supply for that reserve (he only had the hulls and propultion modules for his reserve) I've also displaced the hulls to the forward base he requested.

Overall it's been a good long weekend. I really need to watch out about falling into too much industrial work, but the part of FW is to keep it as cheap as possible and OMG do PvP pilots not know how to stretch an isk. I mean the way these guys get fit thier slashers they probably cost them about 150k a pop if not more, Using current market prices and my skills and bpo collection, and factoring in a 10% profit for the work done I'm coming in at 100k a Slasher (modules and ammo in). That's the difference between having 100 Slashers in reserve and 150 Slashers in reserve. With the same propagation for any other build.

The industrialist in me is offended. The thing one needs to realize though is that the difference is between minmizing cost and minimizing time. They are paying a premium of arround 50% in order to "buy now". The 100k figure is for stuff that will be available in 2 days since it takes that long for the ammo to cook (3 days in this case thanks to someone gumming up my usual manufacturing station). I'm going to have to have a few conversations with some key figures in the militia about planning and logistics. Because a coordinated effort between a few key players means we should be able improve the availability of cheap T1 ships for throw away frigate gangs. The thing about these is you really need to plan these out a bit in advance in order to reap the benefits of the "cheap" part of the plan.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm firmly of the oppinion that everyone in FW should be able to supply his own ships. Especially frigates and cruisers for disposable OPs. But I've come to the realization that a lot of pilots don't necessarely plan these things out. Yes you should have your "best in class" ships for when a serious OP with FCs you trust is happening (I'm slowly starting to get a few FCs that are approching that category, but I'm still not there yet). Even given that though, you should have a stable of ready disposable remounts for both disposable OPs and for when you run out of "best in class" ships.

If you really want to get snazy you should seed a few re-mounts here and there throughout your operating area or any area that you project operating in. That way you'd never be without a re-mount withing a 1 or 2 jump range of any battle you participate in. I haven't done this since I'm waiting for operating areas and battle zones to show firm themselves up.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

It's pretty simple: PvP people want their ships or mods NOW, if not 10 minutes ago. Even if you build your own stuff at some point you need either a ship or a mod(s) you do not have handy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: ISK has a tendency to get in the way.

Letrange said...

That being said, if it interferes with corporate or alliance goals (your not being ready) it behooves said organization to make sure you'll be able to take part in operations even if you're not personally ready. A reserve of standard "emergency hulls and fits" is not hard to setup and can keep operational tempo up.

With industrialist/miners this is not usually an issues since we tend to be very self sufficient. Your typical unless he controls himself you can usually shake a fleet out of an industrialist's hangar (heck atm I've got 8 ready to go Rifters and 3 ready to go Vigils at my main forward base - this does not count the T2 goodness sitting waiting at my manufacturing hub).