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Friday, September 5, 2008

Note to self (again)

If, after you've lost your ship, you warp away and then warp back to the gate with the fight (cuz that's where you have to go through to get to your next ship), warp away again if you end up outside jump distance for any reason (like bumping into some random Falcon on the way in. Darned medical clone charges...

Started the evening with a small gang. Ended up one of the scouts. Managed to locate the war targets in Kamela, and basically stayed in the system while the gang went around them and go do some plexes since the gang was too big to tackle. Switched to a 2nd gang that entered Kamela as it seemed to be more active. Spent the rest of the evening shadowing this gang.

They almost nailed me at one point but did manage to neut my cap so that when I did manage to warp away I ended up with a great safe spot to scan from (think that was in Auga). Proceded to keep an eye on them for the next hour. The gang disolved withouth this Armada BS fleet killing any of us as the gang did what it came to do and diloved. Tried to see if any other FCs capable of forming a fleet to go after these guys came on, but no luck.

Came back later and ended up in a frigate fleet. We went out and got a kill. It's amusing when the entire fleet value is practicaly nothing and you're just out to kill a single ship. Unfortunately during after getting killed in this fight I had the incident alluded to above. Ah well.

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